Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles, and ends, this time for February 8-14, 2019...

140 years ago February 10, 1879 Influential French political cartoonist and caricaturist Honoré Daumier dies at age 70. He was especially known for his “Les Poires” cartoon, satirizing the king.

115 years ago February 14, 1904 Jimmy Swinnerton’s Little Jimmy begins in the New York Journal.

105 years ago February 8, 1914 Writer Bill Finger is born. Among many other contributions to characters and stories in the Golden Age, he anonymously co-creates Batman with artist Bob Kane. In recognition of his work, Comic-Con International’s annual awards in his name are given to insufficiently acknowledged comics writers.

75 years ago February 10, 1944 Italian comics magazine L’Audace ends.

65 years ago February 9, 1954 Writer-editor Jo Duffy is born.

65 years ago February 13, 1954 The Beano introduces the Leo Baxendale feature that will become known as “The Bash Street Kids.

60 years ago February 13, 1959 Artist Vincent Deporter is born. His work includes many contributions to SpongeBob SquarePants Comics.

60 years ago February 14, 1959 Artist Gordon Purcell is born. He’s especially known for work featuring characters in franchise series.

55 years ago February 9, 1964 Artist, writer, and publisher T.C. Ford is born.

55 years ago February 10, 1964 British artist Charlie Pease dies of a heart attack at age 59. Lambiek calls him “one of the great names of British comics,” and he worked for decades for Amalgamated Press.

50 years ago February 9, 1969 Character actor Gabby Hayes dies of cardiovascular disease at age 83. His roles as a cowboy sidekick led to licensing his name and image to Fawcett comics.

45 years ago February 8, 1974 Artist Franco Caprioli dies at age 61. He worked on adventure stories for Il VittoriosoToppolino, and Il Giornalino and created Gino e Piero.

40 years ago February 9, 1979 Belgian writer Daniël Jansens dies at age 47 of a heart attack. He co-created Bakelandt with Hec Leemans.

35 years ago February 12, 1984 Tim Tyler’s Luck creator Lyman Young dies at age 90. He was the older brother of Blondie creator Chic Young.

30 years ago February 9, 1989 Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion creator Osamu Tezuka dies of stomach cancer at age 60. He is considered by many to be “the father of manga.”

30 years ago February 11, 1989 Actor George O’Hanlon dies of a stroke at age 76. The star of the “Joe McDoakes” comedy shorts was a voice artist whose roles included George Jetson.

15 years ago February 8, 2004 British cartoonist Norman Thelwell dies, age 80. He was especially known for his work for Punch and cartoons of little girls with their ponies.

15 years ago February 8, 2004 DC editor Julius Schwartz dies of pneumonia at age 88. His influence on popular culture included pioneering science fiction fan activity and work as a literary agent in addition to his hand in the development and ongoing production of comics in the Silver Age and later.

10 years ago February 13, 2009 Cartoonist, political cartoonist, and teacher Corky Trinidad dies of pancreatic cancer at age 69. His Nguyen Charlie appeared in Stars & Stripes.

5 years ago February 13, 2014 British cartoonist Gordon Bell dies at age 79 or 80. He was known for his work for The Beano and Sparky.