DC; January 1973
Cover by Joe Kubert

Title: “The Renegades”
A group of white tomb raiders disguised as natives slaughter innocents, running afoul of Tarzan the Ape-Man.

Writer: Joe Kubert
Penciler: Frank Thorne

Review: Old jungle stories haven’t aged particularly well, as changes in race relations often give them a bit of an uncomfortable feel. Still, Joe Kubert crafts a tight though simple tale here, and gets solid support from Frank Thorne on art. Thorne’s style certainly fits, though it lacks Kubert’s trademark fluidity.


Title: “Beyond the Farthest Star”
Synopsis: A World War II fighter pilot flees one alien world – only to crash land on another.

Writer: Uncredited
Penciler: Howard Chaykin

Review: Lovely early art by Howard Chaykin, but the serial nature of the story leaves almost no time for character development.

Grade (for the whole issue): B

Cool factor: The lead story is nice, but it’s the backup piece by Chaykin that’s this issue’s artistic gem.

Character quotable: “It is possible that much was destroyed … to hide the little that was taken!” – Tarzan, jungle detective.

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