More than a dozen comic book collectors and dealers have come together to form the Network of Disclosure (http://www.networkofdisclosure.com, a new advocacy group for which its members issued the following mission statement:

The Network of Disclosure is a group of comic book dealers and collectors, who have pledged to disclose any form of restoration or enhancement, to include Intact Pressing, known to exist, on a comic book in their possession or placed by them for sale. Our objective is to create a safer and more open environment for those buying and selling comic books. By publicly sharing this type of history of each of these books with our fellow collectors and prospective customers, we seek to foster both a greater level of confidence and sense of security within the marketplace.

The group has issued an invitation for new members to join.

All NOD members will be required to display appropriate logos on their websites and in other advertising to distinguish their involvement with and adherence to the NOD's principles, according to the group's Governing Committee, which is comprised of Brent Moeshlin of QualityComix.com, Jim Wilkerson and Mark S. Zaid of EsquireComics.com.

Other members include comic book restoration expert Susan Ciccioni and George Pantela of GPAnalysis.com.

Those interested in joining can do so by filling out an application online at http://www.networkofdisclosure.com/application.php. Prospective members must be recommended by two existing members. Membership for one year is $50, which will go toward support of operations, according to a press release. Additionally, the group is in the process of pursuing 501(c)(3) non-profit status from the Internal Revenue Service.

For additional information please either visit the Website or e-mail info@networkofdisclosure.com.