The ComicLink Winter Featured Auction is underway with an exceptionally strong selection of comic related original artwork from all eras. “We are very excited by the original art selection in our first Featured Auction of 2017. There are hundreds of top-quality pieces ranging from Golden and Silver Age classics to Modern Era masterworks. The top lot is Barry Windsor-Smith’s (then Barry Smith’s) complete 20-page interior art for Conan the Barbarian #6 from 1971,” Josh Nathanson, President of ComicLink, stated. “It’s littered with fantastic sword and sorcery imagery, has an enormous image of Conan for the title splash, and it also is very significant, introducing Conan’s first major love interest with Jenna, who became a recurring character in the series starring with Conan in numerous stories. We are excited to offer it and so many other outstanding items in the Winter Featured Auction to our bidders.”

The Featured Auction is packed with highlights, but here is a small sample of the major original art highlights you will find within it (comic book highlights galore are outlined in a separate article in this issue of Scoop).

Outstanding original art highlights include Barry Windsor-Smith Conan the Barbarian #6 rare complete 20-page story for the memorable 1971 saga “Devil-Wings Over Shadizar.” As far as they know, it’s the only complete Smith Conan story ever offered for sale at auction. There’s also a page from Conan the Barbarian #8. John Romita Amazing Spider-Man #68 prime era page featuring an all-out Spider-Man/Kingpin battle and Daredevil #16 twice-up page from the historic first time Romita drew Spider-Man, pre-dating Amazing Spider-Man #39, features Spidey in action in six panels. The genius of Frank Miller is well represented in the auction including pages from two historic comics – Batman: The Dark Knight #4 and Daredevil #158, Miller’s first issue of that landmark run, plus the cover of Rom #3 with inks by Terry Austin.

More original art highlights are Gil Kane Marvel Triple Action #10 cover featuring the Avengers vs. the Masters of Evil and Thor #216 cover; Brent Anderson Marvel Graphic Novel #5 “X-Men: God Loves Man Kills” two pages from the landmark graphic novel including the historic panel where Magneto first offers to be an ally of the X-Men for the first time, changing the course of the story forever more; Ross Andru Amazing Spider-Man #178 page featuring a Spidey/Green Goblin battle; Frank Brunner three key pages from Doctor Strange #4, the classic “Silver Dagger” saga; and John Buscema Foom #14 cover featuring Conan and Red Sonja, Silver Surfer #7 page, and Wolverine #10 page from epic Wolverine/Sabretooth battle issue where Sabretooth claims to be Wolverine's father.

John Byrne Superman & Batman: Generations III: the complete covers for issues #1-12 (sold separately); Gene Colan Daredevil #64 cover with Daredevil vs. the Stunt-Master; Steve Ditko Tales to Astonish #61 early Hulk page from 1964 featuring a transformation from Bruce Banner; Frank Frazetta “Came the Dawn” illustrations from the legendary unpublished EC story; Mike Grell Warlord #28 and #29 covers; Jeff Jones Fantasy Illustrated #4 complete 10-page story; Joe Kubert G.I. Combat #56 page featuring the first major Sgt. Rock prototype from 1958; Todd McFarlane three pages from Spawn #33 (offered separately); Mike Mignola B.P.R.D. The Warning #3 cover and multiple Hellboy pages; and Norman Mingo Alfred E. Neuman portrait painting for MAD Special #39 will be offered.

Additional art includes Tony Moore The Walking Dead #5 page; Earl Norem Savage Sword of Conan #174 cover; George Pérez New Titans Heroes RPG Sourcebook cover featuring a superb portrait of two generations of Teen Titans; Alex Ross America's Best Comics Special #1 painted cover – featuring most of Alan Moore's ABC characters including Promethea, Tom Strong, Top 10, Jack B. Quick, Mr. Hyde from LOEG and several more; Jim Starlin Superb Thanos illustration with Captain Marvel and Death published in Back Issue magazine; Michael Turner Witchblade #19 double-page splash and Witchblade trading card art and Fathom #3 variant cover; Wally Wood Haunt of Fear #15 page; and Bernie Wrightson Swamp Thing #5 origin recap page.

ComicLink is currently accepting consignments for upcoming auctions including the March Focused Auction which will begin on March 9 and just started accepting original art consignments for the Spring Featured Auction which will begin on May 17. Interested sellers may contact the firm by emailing buysell@comiclink.com or by calling (617) 517-0062 (option 1) to speak with Josh Nathanson, Douglas Gillock, Jason Crosby, Jon Signorelli, or Ross Kearney.

In addition to auctioning items for consignors, ComicLink is also always accepting new sellers for the ComicLink exchange marketplaces, brokering private placement deals, and buying outright. 

Visit ComicLink’s website to view the Winter Featured Auction Underway or view the auction schedule and auction previews.