eMoviePoster recently completed their March Major Auction, realizing $480,188 in total sales of 1,013 items from all years and sizes. See the results of the auction, which was run in four parts, at the below links.

The auction set many individual records for quite a few items. While some items sold for less than they expected, many went far higher than they anticipated. Buyers and consignors told eMoviePoster that it was a success. The total of $480,188 has pushed them to $1,131,509 in sales for 2017 so far, their fastest ever getting over $1 million in sales.

The top sales were German M from 1931 teaser for $17,500, Star Wars 24-sheet for $15,500, Star Wars style A seven-sheet for $11,500, Breakfast At Tiffany's six-sheet for $11,000, Star Wars teaser seven-sheet for $8,827, Return of the Jedi 24-sheet for $8,320, Empire Strikes Back test poster one-sheet for $8,120, Creature From The Black Lagoon one-sheet for $7,299, French Frankenstein 1950s rerelease for $5,611, Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban lenticular one-sheet for $5,600, Invasion of the Saucer Men three-sheet for $5,250, Breakfast At Tiffany’s one-sheet for $5,200, and British Man In The White Suit quad for $5,011.

Part I, which contained 313 linen-backed one-sheets realized $128,083. Part II, with 197 linen-backed posters in a variety of types and sizes closed at $92,397. Results for Part III, with 213 folded posters that fit in standard boxes, lobby cards, and more reached $103,437. Part IV, with 290 items with everything from campaign books to 24-sheets netted $156,271.

Their next major auction will be either in May or July, and it is not too early to consign. They always start from scratch and are currently looking for items in the next major auction. Note that eMoviePoster always uses the first example of each item they are consigned, so it’s good to consign early.

Aside from having no buyer’s premiums, they also have unenhanced supersized images of every item, completely honest condition descriptions, and of course, they only charge the actual cost of shipping on all purchases, which saves all buyers a great deal on shipping.