Several pieces of original art from Underground Comix highlight the Heritage Auctions’ Weekly Internet Comics Auction. Artwork presented comes from the Eric Sack Collection of Underground Comix Art; a previous selection from this collection went for $1.6 million in November 2016.

This auction’s offerings include E St. Antics, 1973, a complete one-page story produced by underground comic artist J.R. Burnham; Aesop’s Fables #22 “Waffles” pinback button illustration art and pin, featuring original art for a scarce pinback series; a 12-panel grid complete story, “From a Dark & Shady Place” by Mervin Gilbert; Skip Williamson’s Seven Mouths to Feed original art from 1976 and another Williamson piece from Playboy Magazine; and a Steve Mad The Grim Reefer complete 8-page story original art from 1974.

Bidding ends on Sunday, April 23, 2017.