On Tuesday, May 16, 2017, eMoviePoster opened their latest auction, The World of Movie Posters. Featuring 999 non-U.S. posters from 29 different countries, the auction can be viewed at www.emovieposter.com.

English posters are From Russia with Love double crown depicting James Bond, Mad Max for the George Miller classic, and Rogue One double-sided advance.

British quads include Hateful Eight double-sided teaser, Clockwork Orange depicting Malcolm McDowell, The Terminator featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, McLintock showing John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, and Reservoir Dogs for the Quentin Tarantino flick.

French posters are Pepe Le Moko from the 1940s rerelease, Tintin Et Les Oranges Bleues for the 1966 rerelease, La Dolce Vita with art by Yves Thos, Ipcress File for the daring story, and Eyes Without a Face displaying different art by Jean Mascii.

Other international offerings are Danish Journey to the Center of the Earth with Wenzel sci-fi art, Hong Kong Enter the Dragon for the Bruce Lee classic, German Star Wars with art by Tom Chantrell, and Swedish Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein for the 1970 rerelease and Invasion of the Saucer Men with different art.

Additional highlights are Belgian Under Two Flags prewar stone litho of Priscilla Dean and Third Man for the Orson Welles film noir hit, Japanese Star Wars with Tom Jung art, Hungarian Planet of the Apes with classic sci-fi art by Gyorgy Kontar, and Italian Thunderball locandina for the 1971 rerelease and Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary locandina with art of Diana Dors.

Three surprises from the auction that closed on May 16 were Going Wild 1930 one-sheet for $1,556, Cat People 1953 rerelease one-sheet for $600, and Destination Moon 1950 one-sheet for $530.

All of the 139,000 items eMoviePoster auctions each year come to them from 1,993 collectors and dealers all over the world. You can consign to their three regular weekly auctions at any time, and they hold five major auctions a year with the best items that are consigned (and all linen-backed posters) in those auctions. Their next major auction will start June 8-20. The deadline to consign to this auction has now passed, but their next one will be in mid-August, and it is not too early to consign to it. Go to their Consign Page to learn about consigning to them, and what makes them different from other major auction houses. They have no buyer’s premiums whatsoever and they allow all their buyers to combine purchases over many weeks, which saves a great deal on shipping.