“Bidding has been fierce,” ComicConnect COO Vincent Zurzolo said about The Jon Berk Collection Auction. “This auction is a thrill to behold. I’ve never seen anything like it!”

The original art auction is comprised of over 350 original art pieces including covers, splash pages, interiors, and recreations by artists such as Al Avison, Creig Flessel, Alex Schomburg, Charles Biro, Matt Baker, Jack Cole, Gill Fox, Charles Sultan, Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Steve Ditko, and more.

“Don’t have feet of clay. A lot of this stuff comes around just once. You’ve got to be ready to go for it,” Jon Berk said.

Original art collectors and investors will find All New Comics #8 cover by Alex Schomburg, All Star Comics #14 page by Howard Sherman, Amazing Spider-Man #6 Lizard page by Steve Ditko, Captain America Comics #9 page by Jack Kirby, Captain Battle #3 cover by Gus Ricca, Catman Comics #25 cover by Rudy Palais, Crack Comics #18 cover by Gill Fox, Daredevil #1 page by Bill Everett, Fantastic Four #3 page by Jack Kirby, Incredible Hulk #4 page by Jack Kirby, Marvel Mystery #15 cover recreated by Alex Schomburg, Mary Marvel Comics #5 cover by Jack Binder, Pep Comics #30 cover by Bob Montana, Planet Comics #1 cover by Lou Fine, Police Comics #9 cover by Gill Fox, Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #2 page by Jack Kirby, Speed Comics #22 cover by Joe Simon, Tales of Suspense #64 splash by Don Heck, Wonderworld #10 page by Lou Fine, and an X-Men #2 page by Jack Kirby.

Visit ComicConnect’s website to view the entire original art auction.

The auction end dates are as follows:
Session 1 (original art, A-1 Comics Amazing Spider-Man #135) June 12, 2017
Session 2 (Amazing Spider-Man #136 - Fantastic Four #16) June 13, 2017
Session 3 (Fantastic Four #17 - Marvel Team-Up) June 14, 2017
Session 4 (Marvel Two-in-One - Sun Girl #1) June 15, 2017
Session 5 (Sun Girl #3 - Zoom Comics) June 16, 2017