eMoviePoster’s June Major Auction is currently underway. Part I, featuring 262 linen-backed one-sheets, will be closing on June 15, 2017. Part II, which includes 324 incredible movie paper items, is closing on June 18. Meanwhile Part III, made up of 281 oversized and linen-backed movie paper items, will close on June 20.

This auction has more extremely rare items from every year, genre, size, and country than they have ever had before. Many of the items have never previously been auctioned. Each item starts at $1 with no reserve, and no buyer’s premiums. It is expected that every item will have a new owner after the auctions end. The lots are all honestly described with unenhanced supersized photos.

Highlights from the three parts include linen-backed one-sheets for James Whale’s 1931 Frankenstein, Erle C. Kento’s 1945 House of Dracula, Byron Haskin’s 1953 H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds, Otto Messemer’s 1924 Felix Tries to Rest, Kenton’s 1944 House of Frankenstein, Joseph Kane’s 1936 The Lonely Trail, John G. Avildsen’s 1976 Rocky, and Hal Roach’s 1940 One Million B.C.

A one-sheet movie poster for Josef von Sternberg’s 1934 The Scarlet Empress, a pressbook cover for 1935 The Bride of Frankenstein, a one-sheet poster for Clyde Geronimi’s 1939 Officer Duck, a paperbacked window card for Roy William’s 1943 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, a six-sheet poster for Otto Preminger’s 1956 The Man With the Golden Arm, a half-sheet poster for Blake Edwards’s 1961 Breakfast at Tiffany’s, an insert movie poster for Lew Landers’ 1943 The Return of the Vampire, and a paperbacked window card for Frank Lloyd’s 1933 Hoopla are also included.

Other highlights are a paperbacked window card for A. Edward Sutherland’s 1929 The Saturday Night Kid, a Belgian poster for Victor Fleming’s 1946 release of The Wizard of Oz, a British quad poster for Terence Young’s 1963 From Russia with Love, an English double crown for Joshua Logan’s 1956 Bus Stop, a three-sheet poster for John English’s 1941 Adventures of Captain Marvel, an English one-sheet for David MacDonald’s 1954 Devil Girl From Mars, a three-sheet poster for Roger Corman’s 1959 The Wasp Woman, a Danish movie poster for the rerelease of Charles Chaplin’s 1916 The Fireman, and a British quad for Mike Hodges’ 1971 Get Carter.

Three surprising results from the auction that ended on June 12 were a Deer Hunter English double crown for $490, an Umbrellas of Cherbourg Japanese two-panel 1972 rerelease for $377, and a Dr. Strangelove set of eight Italian photobustas for $376.

All of the 139,000 items eMoviePoster auctions each year come to them from 2,009 collectors and dealers all over the world. You can consign to their three regular weekly auctions at any time, and they hold five major auctions a year with the best items that are consigned (and all linen-backed posters) in those auctions. Their June Major Auction is running right now (June 8-20) and the final deadline to consign to their August Major Auction is in mid-July. Go to their Consign Page to learn about consigning to them, and what makes them different from other major auction houses. They have no buyer’s premiums whatsoever and they allow all their buyers to combine purchases over many weeks, which saves a great deal on shipping.