Diamond International Galleries (DIG) continues to offer a diverse selection of pop culture and vintage collectibles in their weekly eBay auction ending Sunday, July 16, 2017. Collectibles include a 1931 From Singapore to Baltimore McCormicks Map of the World premium, four Willkie political pinback buttons, Fawcett Publications The Marvel Family #44 and #47, and a 1972 McGovern single night fundraiser concert pinback. In addition to great auctions like these, take advantage of their summer reading graphic novel sale and save 10% on selected buy it now graphic novels in their eBay store!

As this auction ends, the next auction will become available for bidding during its week-long run from July 16-23. Collectibles available for bidding in next week’s auction range from a 1920s Disney Enterprises Mickey Mouse and Friends bed skirt to a 1970s The Monkees Mike Nesmith Finger Ding Doll by Remco. There will be a large variety of comic books as well, from Golden Age Fawcett Publications Mary Marvel #9 to Copper Age Marvel Comics Elf Quest #1-8. More information and images are available for each of these items by copying and pasting the links into your internet browser, where bids can be placed at the scheduled auction time.

Last week’s auction ending Sunday, July 9, had several successful items. A set of two vintage 1952 Womanpower for Eisenhower pinbacks sold for $136 after 15 bids, a 1974 vintage signed Rick Griffin Man Slow Motion album cover proof fetched $144 after 10 bids, and six 1964 Goldwater political campaign buttons sold for $147 after an impressive 16 bids. There was also one buy it now style listing of note, a DC Variant Play Arts KAI Batman Rogues Gallery Mr. Freeze action figure by Square-Enix, which sold for $180.

DIG lists between 600 to 750 items in weekly eBay auctions through their DIG Auctions eBay store, ranging from vintage pop culture collectibles at auction to brand new products. They consistently offer a wide array of pop culture collectibles that include anything from Disney, Westerns, superheroes, print media advertisements and magazines, original artwork, political memorabilia, television and movie items, toys, action figures, comprehensive comic book selections, and more. All auction listings start at $9.95.

Diamond International Galleries is the headquarters for an almost-limitless array of comics, original comic art, posters, animation cells and backgrounds, drawings, oils, and antique toys. They have a comprehensive inventory of collectibles of memorabilia. More information can be found at the Diamond International Galleries website.