Heritage Auctions has listed over 800 comics and pieces of art in their weekly internet comics sale. Bidding is already open with the live internet auction starting on Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 6 PM CT.

Several key Fantastic Four comics are the spotlight items in this week’s auction. They include Fantastic Four #26 with the conclusion of the first Hulk vs. Thing battle, Fantastic Four #27 featuring Doctor Strange’s first crossover, and Fantastic Four #28 with an early X-Men crossover.  

One of the key pieces of original art in this auction is Iron Man #54 page 14 from the issue with the first part of the Thanos War and featuring the first appearance of Moondragon, a/k/a Madame MacEvil. Other original art pages include Thor #206 page 13 with Berzerker battling Crusher Creel and Brave and the Bold #132 complete 1 page story with Juvenile Justice.

Other gems in this week’s auction are The Flash #123 “Flash of Two Words” story where the Silver Age Flash meets the original Golden Age Flash, Bob Montana’s 1951 Archie Comics #50, and the very rare Science Comics #4 from 1940.