The Hero Initiative has listed several more pieces of art for the Kirby 100th Birthday Wake Up and Draw campaign in their eBay store.

Featured art includes Thundarr triptych by Benjamin Glendenning, Arnim Zola by Raymond Lowell, Thor and Hulk by Chris Giarrusso, Karkas by Evan Dorkin, Demon by Marat Mychaels, Marvel Girl by Greg Land, Mr. Miracle by Dennis Culver, Sandman by Craig Rousseau, Karkas by Darick Robertson, Mangog by Nate Van Dyke, Marvel Girl by Jesse Hamm, Fantastic Four by Ben Dewey, Medusa by Aud Koch, Karnilla by Colleen Coover, Jack Kirby and Dr. Doom by Joe Sinnott, Black Panther by Gene Ha, Fantastic Four by Chris Ivy, Captain America and Bucky by Christine Wong, Two-Gun Kid by Brent Schoonover, Granny Goodness by Brent Schoonover, and Sif by Brent Schoonover.

Hero is a not for profit organization that raises money for comics industry pros in medical and financial need. Interested collectors can bid on this art and other pieces in their eBay store.