ComicLink, an auction house of certified comic books, has a certified coin auction closing at CertifiedLink.com on Thursday, October 19, 2017. Featured are NGC and PCGS coins, many in mint-state, issued between the mid-1800s and mid-1900s. There are coins minted as far back as the 1808 Liberty Half Dollar and as late as a 1983 Roosevelt Dime Proof. Every lot starts at only $1.

Some individual highlights include a 1909 S Lincoln Cent NGC MS65RD, 1854 Silver Three Cent Piece PCGS MS64, 1867 Shield “No Rays” Nickel NGC PF66+Cameo, 1912 D Liberty Head Nickel PCGS MS65, 1936 Buffalo Nickel NGC PF66 Brilliant, 1891 Seated Liberty Dime PCGS PR65, 1893 Barber Liberty Head Dime PCGS PR66CAM, 1943 D Mercury Dime NGC MS68FB, 1952 Washington “Superbird” Quarter FS-901 PCGS PR67CAM, 1938 D Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS MS66, 1900 S Morgan Dollar NGC MS66CAC, 1926 $2.50 Sesquicentennial Gold Commemorative PCGS MS65, 1900 Liberty Head Half Eagle NGC MS65, 1909 D Indian Head Half Eagle PCGS MS64, 1926 Indian Head Eagle NGC MS65, and 1908 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle PCGS MS65.

Collectors can see the entire selection of certified coins within the auction by going directly to CertifiedLink.com.

ComicLink will provide the same services for their coin auctions as they do for comics sales, including item descriptions, bidder time payment and credit card payment options, and cash advances for sellers, all at a low commission rate with a negligible buyer premium. International bidders can view highly detailed coin imaging, with magnification that allows for scrutiny of the tiniest surface attribute.

In addition to promoting the coin auction directly to coin hobbyists through certifiedlink.com they will promote the auction with current bidder already registered on ComicLink.com and SportscardLink.com.

Those interested in learning more about ComicLink can contact Josh Nathanson at (617) 517-0062, ext. 101 or njosh@comiclink.com.

Collectors can learn more about ComicLink in the context of its coin auctions on their website.