Diamond International Galleries (DIG) continues to offer a diverse selection of pop culture and vintage collectibles in their weekly eBay auction ending Sunday, October 15, 2017. Vintage 1980s Japanese toys hit the auction this week with the very impressive almost complete-in-package Popy GoDaiKin Voltes V Super Robot, a Popy Machine Man GC-10 diecast Tokusatsu figure by Bandai, and a Gakken Henshin Robo Legioss Mospeada Green Robotech Alpha Fighter. Other vintage collectibles include 1933 Walt Disney Enterprises Pop-Up Minnie Mouse Book by Blue Ribbon, 1946 Walt Disney’s Jose Carioca ceramic figure by American Pottery, and 1981 Marvel Comics Ghost Rider #53 original art page by Don Perlin.

Next week’s auction will be available for bidding from October 15-22. Next week the auction will feature a selection of vintage Walt Disney collectibles including a 1933 Mickey Mouse in King Arthur’s Court pop-up book, a 1934 Mickey Mouse three ring binder, and an unused 1936 Mickey Mouse Flexible Flyer Sled decal. Other collectibles range from the first appearance of Man-Wolf in Marvel Comics The Amazing Spider-Man #124, Nomura Toys 1975 Space Battleship Yamato Analyzer die-cast model, and Richard Simmons 1998 autographed Sergeant Preston of the Yukon poster.

One vintage collectible topped last week’s auction ending October 8. A lot of two 1933 Toosie Circus cards featuring clowns and a hippo by Sweets Co sold for $228 after 26 bids.

DIG lists between 450 and 500 items in weekly eBay auctions through their DIG Auctions eBay store, ranging from vintage pop culture collectibles at auction to brand new products. They consistently offer a wide array of pop culture collectibles that include anything from Disney, Westerns, superheroes, print media advertisements and magazines, original artwork, political memorabilia, television and movie items, toys, action figures, comprehensive comic book selections, and more. All auction listings start at $9.95.

Diamond International Galleries is the headquarters for an almost-limitless array of comics, original comic art, posters, animation cells and backgrounds, drawings, oils, and antique toys. They have a comprehensive inventory of collectibles of memorabilia. More information can be found at the Diamond International Galleries website.