Hake’s Americana & Collectibles’ Auction #222 is rapidly approaching! In anticipation of the auction, which opens on October 24, 2017, Hake’s took to their Facebook page to share some highlights from this upcoming sale. 

They include an Aurora model kit featuring the 1966 Batcycle, a rare Supermen of America club member’s patch from the early 1940s, along with a scarce Hulk Hogan LJN Wrestling Superstars Canadian Grand Toys carded figure, as well as a 1930s Big Little Book, which places Betty Boop in the world of Snow White. 

After over 50 years, Hake’s is no stranger to showcasing pop culture buttons, in addition to a plethora of humorous satirical political buttons. Auction #222 features both a 1930 Minnie Mouse button set issued by the Philadelphia Evening Ledger, as well as a John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon button that reads in part: “Prostitutes…vote for Nixon or Kennedy.” 

Rounding out the comic selection is Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 9.2, which features the first full appearance of Wolverine. Not to mention Joe Quesada’s original cover art for The Punisher #56, along with original art pieces by Daniel Clowes, Michael Kaluta, and Charles M. Schulz – including a Peanuts strip from 1957. 

As Auction #222 will feature select pieces from The Star Wars Collection of Russell Branton, no update would be complete without a sneak peak for the fans. In addition to teasing a Darth Vader Revenge of the Jedi proof card, Hake’s uploaded photos and descriptions of nearly all of the offerings from the Branton Collection on their YouTube channel.

Auction #222 goes live on October 24 and closes November 14-16. Visit hakes.com and their Facebook page to learn more about the upcoming auction and items currently priced for sale.