If eMoviePoster’s 2017 end of year total is any indication, the movie poster collecting hobby continues to grow and thrive. Last year the movie poster auction website reached $5,596,923 in total sales, setting their best year yet.

eMoviePoster has been hosting auctions for 27 years, making the transition to fully online auctions in 2002. Since then, sales have progressively risen, culminating in their previous record of $5,203,042, which was made in 2015.

They knew that breaking that sales record would take a massive amount of work and decided to take it easier in 2016 with a slightly lower year goal of $4.5 million. But, they received a flood of new consignments in 2016 and reached $4,971,785 by the end of the year. Once again, they determined to minimize some of the pressure for 2017 with a goal of $4.5 million. And again, they received an even larger number of consignments, which led to the $5,596,923 yearly record.

With 2018 now underway, they are planning to adjust their schedule and auction quantity based on the consignment rate. If they receive truck deliveries of entire collections, pieces from collectors trimming down their inventory, or dealers liquidating a substantial portion of their inventory, they could have another year like previous ones. But if the rate of consignments drops significantly they may start holding the Sunday auctions on a biweekly basis instead of every week. Currently, they are planning to hold four or five major auctions, but if enough new material comes in, they might hold six.

Those interested in learning more about consigning to them for any of their auctions should check their Consign Page, or sign up to start bidding via their Registration Page.