As the current auction at Hake’s Americana & Collectibles is set to close in just a few days, it’s time to feature one of the most desirable and exciting items in the sale: the Boba Fett rocket-firing prototype action figure. Available for bidding in lot 1992, this unique piece is one of the most exceptional items from the Star Wars Collection of Russell Branton.

The Boba Fett prototype has been the subject of collector discussion, interest, and anticipation since the Branton Collection arrived at Hake’s Americana. “This is among the most desirable and sought-after action figures of any line or any era. It is truly a legendary toy that is on everyone’s radar,” Hake’s President Alex Winter said.

The prototype was on display at the 1979 Toy Fair in New York City, but the figure never went into production in this form because the rocket-firing capability was deemed to be a choking hazard. As a result, the prototypes in circulation are almost all unpainted, blue figures.

Part of a mail-away campaign, people would send in four proof of purchase seals to receive the Boba Fett figure by mail. In response, they’d receive the toy without the rocket-firing ability and a letter apologizing for the change. Some action figure cards had already been produced so stickers were placed over the image of the rocket-firing mechanism on the back.

The original rocket-firing versions are known as L-slot or J-slot, referencing the shape of the firing mechanism on the figure’s back. The one in this collection is the L-slot firing type.

“After learning that Russell had the rocket-firing Boba Fett prototype we knew that this collection was special and an amazing opportunity to sell at auction,” Hake’s Consignment Manager Kelly McClain said. “This is one of the most sought-after pieces in vintage Star Wars collecting and since we began promotion this has been a spotlight piece that has gained massive interest in the collecting community.”

The Boba Fett rocket-firing prototype action figure stands 3-3/4” tall in a custom case display and comes with a notarized Collectible Investment Brokerage LOA. Bidding on Auction #223 closes next week on March 13-15, 2018. Visit hakes.com to view the full auction.