ComicLink has posted numerous new highlights to upcoming auction previews. Auctions include the Spring Featured Auction which will begin on May 3, as well as the March Focused Auction which will begin on March 15, and the April Focused Auction, which will begin on April 12 and will include a session for vintage certified coins. Interested sellers may contact ComicLink by emailing buysell@comiclink.com or by calling (617) 517-0062 (option 1) to speak with Josh Nathanson, Douglas Gillock, Jason Crosby, Jon Signorelli or Ross Kearney. In addition to auctioning items for consignors, ComicLink is also always accepting new sellers for the ComicLink exchange marketplaces, brokering private placement deals, and buying outright. Upfront cash advances are available for quality consignments.

Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 7.0 was just added to the March Featured Auction preview to go along with the one graded 5.5. That sale will also include Amazing Spider-Man #1 CGC 7.5 and Showcase #22 (first Silver Age Green Lantern) CGC 7.5.

The Spring Featured Auction has two high grade Silver Age keys already posted: Journey Into Mystery #83 (first Thor) CGC 9.4 and Tales of Suspense #39 (first Iron Man) CGC 9.4. These two major first appearances very rarely come up for public auction in Near Mint condition. Also, recently added to the Spring Featured are a Batman #1 (first Joker and Catwoman) CGC 2.0, an Action Comics #23 (first Luthor) CGC 5.5, and Detective Comics #71 (classic Robinson Joker cover) CGC 6.5. Among the early original art highlights are the incredible cover art to Avengers Annual #4 by Sal Buscema and a page from Watchmen. More highlights will arrive next week. Each upcoming auction will include comic book keys and high grades including Fantucchio Pedigree offerings and original artwork.

Also just posted to the Spring Featured Auction are many examples from the Journey Into Mystery/Thor and the Brave and the Bold runs from the John G. Fantucchio Pedigree collection that ComicLink has been selling over the past year. The collection features beautifully preserved comic books with bright, bold colors and near newsstand-fresh page quality. Check out new listings from the Fantucchio collection like Journey Into Mystery #117 (Kirby cover with Thor battling in Vietnam) CGC 9.8 (single highest graded) and Brave and the Bold #53 (Alex Toth Flash/Atom team-up) CGC 9.6 (single highest graded), #76 (Batman and Plastic Man team-up) CGC 9.8 (single highest graded), and #85 (first revamped Green Arrow with classic Neal Adams cover) CGC 9.8 (highest graded, one of two).

There will be a varied selection of early Fantastic Four issues in high grades, like #2 (first Skrulls) CGC 8.5, #3 (first in uniforms) CGC 8.0, #8 (first Alicia and Puppet Master) CBCS 9.0, #11 (origin retold, first Impossible Man) CGC 8.0, #13 (first Watcher) CGC 9.0, #14 (early Silver Age Sub-Mariner appearance) CGC 9.4, #15 (first Mad-Thinker) CBCS 9.4, #18 (first Super-Skrull) CGC 9.2, #19 (first Rama-Tut) CGC 9.4, and #48 (first Silver Surfer and Galactus) CGC 9.4.

A few other early original art highlights include Art Adams’ cover to Classic X-Men #12, which was his homage to Kirby’s X-Men #1 cover showing the “New” X-Men battling Magneto in place of the original team. There’s also a Jim Lee page from X-Men #8 featuring Rogue along with Gambit and Bishop. The X-Men will be in the media spotlight later this year with X-Men: Dark Phoenix opening in theaters in November.