Marvel Comics’ MCU has been tearing up box office records across the globe, the recent success of such films as Ant-Man, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Thor: Ragnarok have caused a real uptick in interest concerning comics featuring the origin stories of the popular superheroes that appear in these movies. 

“Whenever we have a chance auction Silver Age keys we pounce on the opportunity,” Vincent Zurzolo, ComicConnect COO, said. “The constant demand for these books makes it difficult to keep these treasures in stock, but we are always on the hunt to unearth hidden collections, and to find copies from all over the planet to present to our distinguished clientele, at a variety of grades.”

On offer in the April Super Monthly is a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 6.0 featuring the origin story of the ever-popular Spider-Man. Other books of note in this special auction are Brave and the Bold #28 CGC 8.0 featuring the first appearance of the Justice League of America, Daredevil #1 CGC 9.2, Incredible Hulk #1 CGC 7.0, and copies of Tales to Astonish #27 CGC 7.5 and 7.0 the first appearance of Ant-Man.

The auction end-dates are as follows:
Session 1 (Action Comics - Daisy & Donald) April 23, 2018
Session 2 (Daredevil Comics - Ironjaw) April 24
Session 3 (Joe Palooka - Rom) April 25
Session 4 (Sad Sack - 3D) April 26
Session 5 (Thunderbolt - Zip Comics) April 27

“This is just a small taste of the amazing Silver Age comics we have in the April Special Monthly Auction,” Zurzolo continued. “We have been lucky to be blessed with such a windfall of remarkable keys that we had to create a special auction to house the books we couldn’t fit in our quarterly Event Auctions. Our clients will be extremely pleased with this extra chance to take home those special comics they’ve been dying to get for their collections.”