The Star Wars Collection of Russell Branton has been very successful within the last two auctions at Hake’s Americana & Collectibles with many enthusiastic collectors vying for the material. For those still hungry for Star Wars memorabilia, Hake’s is getting ready to present round three from Branton’s collection.

The auction house will make announcements via their social media accounts on the unofficial Star Wars holiday May 4, a/k/a May the Fourth Be with You. Throughout Friday, May 4, they’ll present a swath of Star Wars memorabilia that’ll be sold in the July 2018 auction. This third round from Branton’s collection will include 70 Star Wars pieces, composed of an assortment of material, matching the diversity of their first two offerings.

Branton items will also include more toys outside of Star Wars from Battlestar Galactica and Masters of the Universe.

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Scoop will provide more in-depth coverage next week once announcements have been made. The auction goes online on Tuesday, June 19, and will close on Tuesday through Thursday, July 10-12 at hakes.com.