In ComicConnect’s Second City Collection Auction, investors can make a run on a high graded copy of Detective Comics #33 CGC 9.2.

Detective Comics #27, the Batman’s first appearance, does not contain his origin story. It took until Detective Comics #33 for readers to learn the story of how Batman came to be. Starting with the cold blooded murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce’s solemn vow to make war on criminals, and then the years he spent training and perfecting his mind and body, the origin has cemented itself in pop culture.

“Show me someone who doesn’t know Batman’s origin and I’ll find the rock they’ve been living under,” joked Vincent Zurzolo, ComicConnect’s COO. “And check out that crazy cover. The Batman is armed with a gun, breaking the code that became a cornerstone of the character's makeup in the stories that followed for decades.”

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