In their current auction, eMoviePoster is selling 999 non-U.S. posters from 28 different countries. Collectors can view the items, which close on Tuesday, June 19, 2018, at www.emovieposter.com.

Italian examples are Dr. No photobusta of 007, Thunderball group of nine photobustas for the James Bond hit, Repulsion locandina with different art of Catherine Deneuve, Light Across the Street locandina featuring Brigitte Bardot, Age of Infidelity locandina for the Juan Antonio Bardem film, 2001: A Space Odyssey Cinerama photobusta with Bob McCall art, Tom and Jerry group of ten photobustas for the cartoon, From Russia with Love group of eight photobustas for the 1970s rerelease, Back to Batman locandina for the 1955 rerelease, Shoot Loud, Louder I Don’t Understand photobusta with Raquel Welch, The Mummy photobusta for the 1971 rerelease with Christopher Lee, Teorema group of three photobustas featuring Silvana Mangano and Terence Stamp, Suspira locandina for the Dario Argento horror classic, and Iron Curtain locandina with a portrait of Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney.

Belgian posters include Samson & Delilah showing Hedy Lamarr and Victor Mature, Hunchback of Notre Dame with Anthony Quinn and Gina Lollobrigida, Topper for the 1950s rerelease depicting Cary Grant and Constance Bennett, and Dangerous When Wet with full length image of Esther Williams.

British quads include Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with Harrison Ford, Tommy with for the rock music drama, and Girl on the Boat for the English comedy.

International offerings are German Mr. Freedom with image of John Abbey and Dune for the David Lynch sci-fi flick, English Scars of Dracula one-sheet with close-up of Christopher Lee and Casino Royale double-sided one-sheet with Danial Craig and Caterina Murino, and Japanese Blade Runner for the Ridley Scott classic and Woman in the Dunes press sheet for the Hiroshi Teshigahara’s film.

Other featured international posters are Australian Pulp Fiction one-sheet featuring Uma Thurman and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone one-sheet with cast image, Swiss Thunderball for the 1970s rerelease and Goldfinger for the 1970s rerelease, French Solo international double-sided teaser, Canadian Deadpool 2 style C double-sided teaser, and Russian All of Us Are Guilty with Sachkov art and Korotkie Vstrechi with Chelisheva image of the cast.

Three surprising results from the auction that closed on June 12 were Night of the Living Dead one-sheet for $940, Fearless Vampire Killers style B one-sheet for $562, and Air Hawks one-sheet for $505.

eMoviePoster doesn’t just auction movie posters. They also auction many tens of thousands of vintage stills, lobby cards, signed items of all types, as well as scripts, all sorts of special posters (travel, war, and limited edition prints), and more. They have a very special auction of signed items of all types that begins Sunday, July 1.

Their August Major Auction runs on August 5-16, and the final deadline to consign is July 6. Early consignors will have their items featured in their preauction publicity. They are accepting consignments on single items to collections of thousands for major auctions and weekly events. Collectors and consignors can learn more about consigning to them for any of their auctions on their Consign Page, or sign up to start bidding via their Registration Page.