The Dark Knight crosses paths with the First Avenger in Heritage’s current Sunday Internet Comics, Animation & Art Auction. A high grade Batman with the first appearance of Carrie Kelley and a showdown between Captain America and Samson Scythe are crossing the auction block on October 14, 2018.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 CGC 9.6 is one of the most instantly recognizable covers in the Batman title, with both the cover and story done by Frank Miller. Klaus Janson also collaborated on the art. This issue includes the first appearance of Carrie Kelley, who later became the first official female Robin in the Batman franchise. The Dark Knight Strikes Again saw her adopt the Catgirl identity. 

Rogue vigilante Samson Scythe has taken the law into his own hands in Gene Colan and Dave Simons Captain America Annual #5 page 24 original art. The 10-by-15-inch page is produced in ink and Zipatone over graphite on Bristol board and traces the distorted justification by one of Captain America’s most challenging foes. 

These two issues are part of the 742 lots of comic books, original art, and memorabilia in Heritage’s Sunday Internet Comics, Animation & Art Auction. Bidding opens at 6 PM CT on HA.com.