A deep cache of Star Wars memorabilia is open for bidding in Hake’s current auction. It is filled with Star Wars action figures and other toys that collectors have come to expect in Hake’s auctions, plus movie posters, artwork, and related memorabilia.

One of the most incredible lots of Star Wars material is the Power of the Force coin set and Luke Skywalker variant coin, which contains 62 of the 1-1/2” pressed aluminum coins that were part of the 1985 toy line. (Look for more on this lot and other Power of the Force coins in next week’s issue of Scoop.)

Several series playsets are ready to be assembled in new homes, including the Death Star Canadian issue special offer cardboard playset AFA 85 NM+. This 1978 boxed toy includes two Stormtroopers and the Death Star, with text in French and English. A multifaceted Land of the Jawas action playset AFA 85 NM+ is also in the auction. The 1979 Tatooine desert base comes with boulders, cave, battle action lever, escape pod rocket with opening hatch, and corrugated Jawa Sandcrawler with manual elevator.

Inventive space vehicles from the series have flown and trundled their way into Auction #225, including a scarce Slave I with special offer action play setting AFA 85 NM+. This boxed ship comes with gravity operated wings and removable side, clicking cannons, opening rear ramp, movable seat, and simulated Han Solo in Carbonite. One that is likely to incite bidding wars is the radio controlled Jawa Sandcrawler AFA 85 NM+. This 16” long Sandcrawler was released in ’79, and comes with an elevator, opening side panel, and a radio control unit.

Hake’s has listed another large assortment of action figures, such as the Darth Vader 7” series AFA 85 NM+. Made for Takara’s 1978 toy line, this figure on blister card was released exclusively for the Japanese market.

Fans on the hunt for high grade 12-back figures should check out the Sand People 12-back-B AFA 90 NM+/MT on unpunched card, the C-3PO 12-back-B AFA 90 NM+/MT on punched card, and the Han Solo (large head) 12-back-C 85 NM+ on unpunched card.

A selection of rare loose action figures will give collectors the chance to purchase some very desirable figures. They include a Power of the Force Yak Face figure AFA 85 NM+, which was one of the last ones issued and only released in foreign outlets; Luke Skywalker double telescoping lightsaber AFA 85 NM+ that was available in early bird kits; a Snaggletooth (blue) AFA 85 NM+ that was available exclusively through the Sears Cantina playset; and a vinyl cape Jawa AFA 85 NM+, which was an early figure before the cape switched to a cloth tunic.

The nearly two dozen proof cards include many with the Revenge of the Jedi title before it was changed to Return of the Jedi. Two examples are Boba Fett AFA 85 NM+ and Luke Skywalker AFA 90 NM+/MT. Both are unpunched cards and advertise the “Free! Nien Nunb” action figure offer. Power of the Force proof cards are led by the 8D8 blank back cromalin card AFA 90 NM+/MT and Klaatu Skiff Guard outfit blank back card AFA 90 NM+/MT. Both are hand cut with four square corners, white edges, and trace of register marks.

Outside the world of toys, Hake’s is offering movie posters, advertising material, and paintings. They are led by a Revenge of the Jedi dated advance one-sheet, featuring the original title before the movie was renamed Return of the Jedi, and a Star Wars Action Figures 1977 bell hanger advertising store display sign that depicts Kenner’s initial 12 action figures and shows Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia as they appeared on the Star Wars poster by the Brothers Hildebrandt.

Auction #225 is filled with over 100 lots of Star Wars material, including a Vlix action figure and several three-pack figure sets. Get bids in soon before the auction closes on November 13-15, 2018.

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