The Hero Initiative has rolled out another set of Nocturnals 20th anniversary original art board in their eBay store. The new offerings depict the talents of Dan Parsons, Chris Marrinan, Walter Simonson, Dan Brereton (one Halloween Girl, one Gunwitch), Nate Watson, Steve Purcell, John Heebink, and Jolyon Yates.

Hero is a not for profit organization that raises money for comics industry pros in medical and financial need. Additional collectibles in their eBay store include The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Hero exclusive Joe Jusko cover, Adventure Time 100 Project hard and softcover, Steve Dillon Memorial Charity Sketchbook, three-pack of W00tstout Stone Brewing prints, and other 100 Project books for Wonder Woman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Hellboy, among others.