ComicLink’s blockbuster Fall Featured Auction closed out 2018 on a major high note for the company, establishing many new record sales across all eras and genres. Now the firm is focusing on generating consignments for upcoming auctions launching early in 2019. Sellers can make consignment arrangements to reserve space for their comic books and artwork in the January Focused Auction, which starts January 10, and the Winter Featured Auction beginning on February 13.

“For these upcoming auctions we are pleased to report that we already have an impressive array of major Golden Age and Silver Age keys, and we are beginning to get in some sensational original art lots! We are looking forward to an exciting new year’s worth of auctions,” ComicLink founder and CEO Josh Nathanson told Scoop.

Golden Age highlights already consigned include Batman #1 CGC 3.0, featuring the first appearances of the Joker and Catwoman, along with the origin of Batman. This is one of the most important comic books in the medium, kicking off the first solo title run for one of the most significant characters of pop culture while also introducing his two biggest villains.

Another highlight is Flash Comics #1 CGC 5.0. This historic 1940 DC comic includes the first appearances and origins of two major DC heroes, The Flash and Hawkman, as well as the first appearance of Hawkman’s beloved, Shiera Sanders, who soon became Hawkgirl, one of DC’s first superheroines. This issue also introduced Justice Society of America member Johnny Thunder, a character who, almost 80 years later, is still in the spotlight, playing a key role in DC’s current Watchmen sequel, Doomsday Clock.

Detective Comics #38 CGC 4.0 is another featured Golden Age addition. This 1940 major key features the first appearance and origin of Robin/Dick Grayson, Batman’s first sidekick and one of the most well known and popular comic book characters.

Newly added Timely keys include Marvel Mystery Comics #2 CGC 4.5, the first issue of the seminal series that continued its numbering from Marvel Comics #1 and featured just the second appearances of the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner; plus a rare high grade beauty, Patsy Walker #1 CGC 9.2 (one of the top two) graded overall and the start of a 20-year run for the teen queen who grew up to become the popular superheroine Hellcat.

A broad selection of Silver and early Bronze Age Marvel major keys are coming to auction. They include Amazing Fantasy #15 (first Spider-Man and origin) CGC 7.0, Amazing Spider-Man #1 CGC 7.0, and Avengers #4 CGC 9.2. Additional major keys are Fantastic Four #1 (first Fantastic Four and origin) CGC 7.0 Signature Series signed by Stan Lee, Incredible Hulk #1 (first Hulk and origin) CGC 6.0 and #181 (first full Wolverine) CGC 9.8, and Amazing Spider-Man #129 (first Punisher) CGC 9.8.

They include Journey Into Mystery #83 (first Thor) CGC 7.0, X-Men #1 (first X-Men and Magnet) CGC 7.0, Giant-Size X-Men #1 (first Storm, Colossus, and Nightcrawler and second full Wolverine) CGC 9.8, Strange Tales #110 (first Doctor Strange) CGC 7.0, Marvel Feature #1 (first Defenders) CGC 9.8, Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (first Captain Marvel) CGC 9.6, Iron Man #1 CGC 9.6, and Special Marvel Edition #15 CGC 9.8 featuring the introduction of Master of Kung Fu’s Shang-Chi.

A few other notable Silver Age Marvel comics include Fantastic Four #50 (classic Kirby Silver Surfer cover) CGC 9.4, Amazing Spider-Man #9 (first Electro) CGC 9.4 and #72 (classic Romita Shocker cover) CGC 9.8, and X-Men #50 (classic Steranko Polaris cover) CGC 9.8 and #58 (Neal Adams cover/art) CGC 9.8.

Batman #251 CGC 9.4 featuring the Neal Adams’ Joker cover and art which redefined the clown prince of crime for decades to come has also been added.

Late Bronze Age and Modern Age titles are Amazing Spider-Man #194 (first Black Cat) CGC 9.8 and #300 (first full Venom) CGC 9.8, Ms. Marvel #1 (Carol Danvers becomes a superheroine) CGC 9.8, X-Men #101 (first Phoenix) CGC 9.8, Batman Adventures #12 (first Harley Quinn in comics) CGC 9.8, All-Star Comics #58 (first Power Girl) CGC 9.8, New Mutants #98 (first Deadpool) CGC 9.8, and Walking Dead #1 (first Rick Grimes) CGC 9.8 and #10 (first Maggie and Hershel) CGC 9.9.

Newly added original art items include the memorable Neal Adams page with inks by Tom Palmer from X-Men #59 where the Sentinels fly off into the sun to try to destroy the source of all mutation, but end up destroying themselves instead. Interestingly, this well known plot point in Roy Thomas’ story was actually Chris Claremont’s historic first contribution to X-Men back when he was still a college intern. Also, the Mike Zeck and Phil Zimelman painted cover to Spider-Man Super Thriller: Midnight Justice featuring Spidey and Human Torch battling Venom, has just been added.

Some previously mentioned art items include the Dave Cockrum cover to Ms. Marvel #18. This is one of the top covers from Carol Danvers’ original series from the 1970s. It features one of the best cover images of Ms. Marvel from the run and has her surrounded by popular members of the Avengers including Vision, Scarlet Witch, Yellowjacket, Wasp, and Wonder Man. Cockrum is the legendary co-creator of the “New” X-Men and this cover was for the issue that featured the first full appearance of one of their greatest foes, Mystique.

Another amazing work of original art is the Al Williamson cover to Weird Fantasy #18. Williamson is considered one of the greatest artists of science fiction related comic books and comic strips, but he drew only a small number of covers for the legendary EC Comics science fiction titles, making this an unusual opportunity for collectors. Al Feldstein and Roy Krenkel both assisted Williamson with this cover and it includes a Feldstein signature and original drawing. The cover artwork is also signed by science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, as one of his stories was adapted for the issue. 

The final piece ComicLink wanted to mention is “Dick Sprang Remembers…”, an incredible retrospective of the legendary Batman artist’s work drawn by Sprang himself. This piece was published as the double page centerfold to Detective Comics #572, an issue which celebrated the 50th anniversary of Detective Comics. It features multiple images of Batman, Robin, the Joker, Two-Face, and many more characters from Sprang’s two-decade run on Batman that began in the early 1940s and extended into the early 1960s. 

Sellers interested in consigning to the Winter Featured Auction or upcoming Focused Auctions can contact ComicLink at buysell@comiclink.com or (617) 517-0062 (option 1) to speak with Josh Nathanson, Douglas Gillock, Jason Crosby, Jon Signorelli, or Ross Kearney. Upfront cash advances are available upon request.

In addition to auctioning items for consignors, ComicLink is also always accepting new sellers for the ComicLink exchange marketplaces, brokering private placement deals, and buying outright.

ComicLink’s previews of the January Focused Auction and Winter Featured Auction, and their schedule can be seen on their website.