Time is running out, but those who act fast can still sell high quality comic books and original art in the ComicLink Winter Featured Auction. This auction will begin on Wednesday, February 13, 2019.

The firm is also accepting consignments of comics, artwork, cards, coins, and other collectibles for upcoming auctions launching in March, April, and May. Upfront cash advances are available upon receipt of seller material. Sellers interested in consigning may contact ComicLink at buysell@comiclink.com or (617) 517-0062 (option 1) to speak with Josh Nathanson, Douglas Gillock, Jason Crosby, Jon Signorelli, or Ross Kearney.

“The Winter Featured Auction is going to be a blockbuster,” ComicLink founder and CEO Josh Nathanson told Scoop. “There are so many examples of major keys and rare high grade examples of comic books from all eras, as well as examples of impressive original artwork. Whether you are looking for major Golden Age and Silver Age keys, pristine Bronze and later, or some world class original art, you are sure to find something that will interest you!”

The selection of Silver and Bronze Age Spider-Man issues are Amazing Fantasy #15 (first Spider-Man and origin) CBCS 8.0 and CGC 4.5, and Amazing Spider-Man #1 (second Spider-Man, first Jameson) CGC 6.5 and CGC 9.0 (slight C-1), #3 (first Doctor Octopus) CGC 9.2, #10 (first Enforcers) CGC 9.8, #50 (first Kingpin) CGC 9.6, #101 (first Morbius) CGC 9.8, and #129 (first Punisher) CGC 9.8, CGC 9.6, CGC 9.2, and others.   

Other Silver Age and early Bronze Age Marvel keys include Fantastic Four #1 (first Fantastic Four and origin) CGC 8.5, CGC 7.0, and CGC 5.5 and #2 (first Skrulls) CGC 9.0, Avengers #1 (first Avengers) CGC 9.2 and #4 (first Silver Age Captain America) CGC 9.4, Incredible Hulk #1 (first Hulk and origin) CGC 5.5, #2 (first green Hulk) CBCS 9.2, and #181 (first full Wolverine) CGC 9.8 and CGC 9.6, X-Men #1 (first X-Men and Magneto) CGC 8.5 and CGC 7.0 CVA, Journey Into Mystery #83 (first Thor and origin) CGC 6.5, and Tales of Suspense #39 (first Iron Man and origin) CGC 8.5 and CGC 7.5.

Silver Age DC listings are Wonder Woman #98 (first Silver Age origin) CGC 8.0 (highest, one of three) and CGC 6.5, The Flash #123 (“Flash of Two Worlds”) CGC 9.2, Aquaman #1 CGC 9.2, Superman #199 (first Superman vs. Flash race) CGC 9.6 (highest, one of five), and Batman #251 (Adams Joker cover/story) CGC 9.8.

Golden Age DC material includes Batman #1 (first Joker and first Catwoman) CGC 3.0 and CGC 4.0 Conserved, Flash Comics #1 (first Flash and first Hawkman) CGC 5.0, Action Comics #7 (second Superman cover) CGC 7.5 Moderate (P), Detective Comics #4 (1937, scarce) CGC 5.0, #18 (1938 Fu Manchu cover) CGC 8.0 (top three), #33 (first origin of Batman) CGC 1.5, and #38 (first Robin/Dick Grayson) CGC 4.0, Green Lantern #1 CGC 5.5, Sensation Comics #1 (first Wonder Woman cover, second appearance) CGC 4.0 (B-2), and Superman #1 CGC ng (coverless) (there is also a CGC 1.5 Superman #1 listed on the ComicLink Exchange).

The auction also includes scores of examples from deep high grade runs of two Golden Age DC titles, Star Spangled Comics and Boy Commandos, as well as Quality Comics’ Dollman, featuring the original shrinking hero, who later joined the DC Universe.

Timely/Atlas offerings are a nice selection of key issues put out by the publisher that would one day be known as Marvel Comics, including Captain America Comics #1 (first Captain America and origin) CGC 7.0 (B-3), Marvel Mystery Comics #2 CGC 4.5 (second Human Torch and Sub-Mariner) and #46 (Schomburg Hitler cover) CGC 8.0 (top five), Human Torch #1 (first Toro and origin) CGC 8.0 and CGC 5.5, plus a rare high grade beauty Patsy Walker #1 CGC 9.2 (top two), which was the start of a 20-year run for the teen queen who grew up to become the popular superheroine Hellcat.

Others Golden Age goodies include Startling Comics #49 (Schomburg robot cover) CGC 8.5, Archie Comics #1 CGC 4.5 (B-4), Weird Mysteries #5 (Bailey “Brain” cover) CGC 6.0, Skeleton Hand #1 in CGC 8.0, Famous Funnies #216 (Frazetta Buck Rogers cover) CGC 9.4, Haunt of Fear #1 (#15 on cover) CGC 8.5, Jungle Comics #1 CGC 8.5, Real Life Comics #3 (anti-Hitler cover) CGC 5.0, and Brenda Starr #14 (Kamen cover) CGC 7.0.

Among the late Bronze and Modern keys are Iron Fist #14 (first Sabretooth) CGC 9.6 price variant, X-Men #101 (first Phoenix) CGC 9.8 and CGC 9.6, Amazing Spider-Man #194 (first Black Cat) CGC 9.8 and #300 (first full Venom) CGC 9.8, Ms. Marvel #1 (first Ms. Marvel) CGC 9.8, Batman Adventures #12 (first Harley Quinn in comics) CGC 9.8, Walking Dead #1 (first Rick Grimes) CGC 9.8, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (first Turtles and origin, very low print run) CGC 6.0. Some other unique price variants include Avengers #161 (Perez Ant-Man attacks cover) CGC 9.8 (single highest graded) and Defenders #51 CGC 9.8 (single highest graded).

A sample of the original art highlights are the Al Williamson cover to Weird Fantasy #18 signed by Ray Bradbury; Richard Corben Fantagor #4 cover, one of the master fantasy artist’s most popular works; John Romita Amazing Spider-Man #61 page with three great panels of Spider-Man in action and a killer half splash featuring a huge image of the Kingpin; John Buscema/Joe Sinnott title splash to Fantastic Four #112 featuring the start of a famous Thing vs. Hulk battle (also offered separately is the finale page from #111 setting up this splash); John Buscema Avengers #75 half-splash with the dramatic very first appearance of the Conan-like Arkon; Sal Buscema Avengers #89 title splash, the very first page of the legendary “Kree-Skrull War” saga; and Rich Buckler Thor #244 cover with Thor and Jane Foster battling the Time-Twisters (with alts by John Romita and inks by Joe Sinnott).

Dave Cockrum items in the auction include his incredible cover to Ms. Marvel #18, with a large image of Carol Danvers’ alter ego surrounded by the Avengers and the cover to Captain Marvel #58 featuring Mar-Vell being attacked by Drax the Destroyer.

John Byrne offerings include a title splash from Champions #17 (George Tuska layouts, Byrne finishes) featuring the Sentinels attacking the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants – this was Byrne’s first published depiction of the Sentinels, plus the cover to Superman #4.

John Romita Jr. art includes the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #224 with Spider-Man vs. the Vulture plus inks by Bob Layton; Wolverine #20 wraparound cover with the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Elektra; Thor #24 cover with Thor vs. Mangog; and Avengers #7 cover featuring a team portrait with a huge Hulk front and center.

Others art offerings are a Frank Miller page from the popular Wolverine Limited Series #1 where Logan first arrives in Japan, for what turns out be one of his most famous adventures; Jim Aparo’s complete story art from Batman #433, the first part of “The Many Deaths of the Batman,” the popular “silent” story written by John Byrne; Jim Lee Superman #207 splash with a huge image of the Man of Steel; Frank Cho Deadpool the Gauntlet cover; and Dave Gibbons The Amalgam Age of Comics: The DC Comics Collection #1 wraparound cover.

Additional art highlights are a Jim Starlin page from Captain Marvel #25 featuring the second appearance of Thanos, published just a month after Iron Man #55; the Herb Trimpe cover to Godzilla #15; the Al Milgrom cover to Marvel Treasury Edition #26 with Hulk vs. MODOK and the Harpy; “Dick Sprang Remembers…”, an incredible retrospective of the legendary Batman artist’s work which appeared in Detective Comics #572; the Neal Adams page from X-Men #59 where the Sentinels fly off into the sun, with inks by Tom Palmer; the Gene Colan title splash to Doctor Strange #36 with Strange flying in his astral form; and a Don Heck page from Avengers #11 featuring Spider-Man’s first appearance in the title as he interacts with Cap, Thor, Giant-Man, and the Wasp.

Other art includes Dale Keown Incredible Hulk #377 page from the landmark issue; the Alex Ross cover to Paradise X #8 with Doctor Strange and Mephisto; the Mark Schultz cover to Bone Sharps, Cowboy and Thunder Lizards; Mike Mignola’s BPRD: Hollow Earth #3 cover; the memorable Lee Bermejo page from the Joker graphic novel where Joker asks Batman why he keeps his face partially uncovered and Batman grimly answers “To Mock You”; six of Jason Fabok’s covers for the Dark Nights: Metal Batman one-shots that introduced each of the evil versions of Batman from different parts of the multiverse; Todd McFarlane Incredible Hulk #342 half-splash with Hulk defeating Half-Life; and the Jim Cheung New Avengers: Illuminati #3 cover with a great portrait of Iron Man leading the other secret leaders of the Marvel Universe.

In addition to auctioning items for consignors, ComicLink is also always accepting new sellers for their exchange marketplaces, brokering private placement deals, and buying outright.

ComicLink’s upcoming auction schedule, Comic Book Exchange, and Comic Art Exchange are available on their website.