A Black Lotus, easily the most sought-after Magic: The Gathering card, has sold at auction via eBay for $166,100 – more than twice what one in similar condition sold for last summer.

The Black Lotus was part of the original 1993 Alpha release, the inaugural set for Magic. The Alpha set is distinguished by the slightly more rounded corners as well as the black border; the Black Lotus is one of the most powerful cards ever printed due to how it can quickly allow for players to generate large amounts of Mana (which is used to summon creatures and use spells). It has been banned in tournaments due to its unbalanced nature, and has not been reprinted.

This specific card was graded by Beckett at a 9.5 Gem Mint. In July 2018, a Black Lotus Beckett 9.5 sold for $87,672, and in January 2019 a Black Lotus Beckett 9 sold for $57,350. All of these sales were completed via eBay.

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