Weiss Auctions has announced “The North Fork Find” of N173 1888 Old Judge baseball cabinet cards.

These cards were discovered in an estate on the North Fork of Long Island, New York, and include 34 different, mostly higher grade photographic cabinet cards, as well as three of the 1888 Joseph Hall team cabinet cards, which, all told, includes many Hall of Famers.

The N173 Old Judge baseball card set contained at least 400 cabinet cards that measured 4-1/2” x 6-1/2” and many contained the same images from the N172 set, but on a larger format. The cards were produced by Old Judge Cigarettes and featured many attractive portraits and action shots of the players of the era. These cards are referred to as “cabinet cards” due to how the typical American home at the time had a parlor or sitting room, which traditionally contained a glass-front cabinet that would house photographs of this size to have on display for guests.

Some of the highlight cards in this set include team cards of New York, Louisville, and Brooklyn (when they were still known as the Bridegrooms), multiple Buck Ewing and Willie Breslin cards, as well as cards picturing Hall of Famers such as Roger Connor, Mickey Welch, Hoss Radbourn, Tim Keefe, and many more. Old Judge cards are extremely difficult to find in any condition, making the North Fork collection a remarkable find for any baseball historian or memorabilia collector.

Weiss will also feature numerous other sports materials, including multiple complete Bowman card sets from the 1950s, the complete 1968 Topps set, and dozens more individual cards. Also of note are signed photographs of both Eddie Collins and Walter Johnson, as well as a portrait of Lou Gehrig signed by Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and many other Yankees of the time.

Once again, Weiss is offering original comic art from the Joe Kubert estate, including a selection of both covers and pages as well as specialty pieces. Vintage comic strip art will be featured, as well as an original art page from Action Comics #199 by Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye. There will also be various Japanese animation art, Silver and Golden Age comics, and much more in terms of pop culture collectibles.

The full details of this event can be found on the Weiss Auctions website.