In their Tuesday auction, eMoviePoster is offering 999 international posters from 32 countries. The posters are open for bids at www.emovieposter.com and are set to close on May 21, 2019.

British quads include Angel Face, Star Wars pre-awards version with Tom Chantrell art, Return of the Jedi with Josh Kirby art, Return of the Living Dead, and Red River 1950s rerelease.

Italian photobustas are Black Sunday, Nightmare Before Christmas group of 8, Gilda, This Island Earth, A Bout de Souffle, Blood on Satan’s Claw, Ilsa She Wolf of the SS, Doctor Cyclops 1950s rerelease, Professionals group of 10, When Worlds Collide, Mamma Roma, and Radar Men from the Moon.

Belgian examples are Philadelphia Story rarity, Evil Dead, Seven Year Itch, Thin Man Goes Home, Dial M for Murder 1960s rerelease, and Ramrod.

French posters include Le Doulos, Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, Frankenstein 2008 rerelease, and Spartacus 1960s rerelease.

Finnish posters are You Only Live Twice rarity, Thunderball with Robert McGinnis art, and One Million B.C.

Other international examples are South Korean In the Mood for Love tagline and no tagline style, Russian Star Wars with art by Yuri Bokser, Polish Empire Strikes Back with Miroslaw Lakomski art and Great Adventure, Spanish Big Trouble in Little China with Struzan art, German Promoter, Japanese Carabineers and Made in the U.S.A./Woman is a Woman, and Czech Pale Rider.

Three surprising results from the auction that closed on May 14 were a Star Wars repro photo signed by Mark Hamill and Alec Guinness for $1,135, a Lon Chaney Sr. signed album page for $750, and a Texas Chainsaw Massacre rerelease one-sheet with multiple signatures for $489.

eMoviePoster doesn’t just auction U.S. and international movie posters. They also auction many tens of thousands of vintage stills, lobby cards, as well as scripts, all sorts of special non-movie posters (including lots of war and travel posters, plus Mondo signed limited editions), autographed items of every kind, and more.

They add 3,000 unique new lots every week with 999 items in every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday auction – which has culminated to 1,560,000 items. They also hold a special giant auction of bulk lots once every month and the next one starts on May 26. Collectors interested in bidding with them can sign up on their Registration Page.

Their next Major Auction is the June Major Auction, which goes live on June 2. More details and some images of preview items are now available. This auction will contain a special all-Star Wars section, with lots of rarities.