A large offering of artwork from the classic 1955 Walt Disney movie Lady and the Tramp will be among the featured lots in Heritage’s Animation Art auction on June 15-16, 2019, in Dallas, Texas.

The sale includes over 75 lots from Lady and the Tramp, including one of a kind hand-painted production cels, animation drawings, concept art, storyboards, backgrounds, and key master and Master cel and background setups.

The auction will contain nearly 1,300 lots from every major animation studio, depicting the work of such luminaries like Mary Blair, Eyvind Earle, Gustaf Tenggren, David Hall, Mel Crawford, Chuck Jones, Ken Anderson, Mel Shaw, Ub Iwerks, Mike Ploog, and Tim Burton.

“With Aladdin breaking box office records this summer and The Lion King also coming out in July, many lots from the Disney renaissance films from the 1990s are in this sale also,” Heritage Animation Art director Jim Lentz noted.

Among the featured lots is the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs color model cel and key master pan background of all Seven Dwarfs. The hand-inked, hand-painted art shows the Dwarfs heading home from the diamond mine, except for Doc, who is shown in a different scene. This was originally part of the Herbert Black Collection of Walt Disney Animation Art.

The Bambi concept painting by Gustaf Tenggren is a beautiful piece by one of the Walt Disney Studio’s most influential artists, highly regarded for his work and influence on early classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Fantasia, and Bambi. One of his final projects with Disney was painting the forests and opening scenes of Bambi, including this piece.

The Sleeping Beauty Prince Phillip and the dragon production cel and key master pan production background captures the prince battling Maleficent the fire-breathing dragon. This hand-inked, hand-painted production setup includes cels of Prince Phillip with his Shield of Virtue and his Sword of Truth as he squares off with Maleficent.

The Mad Doctor Mickey Mouse production cel and key master background shows Mickey looking into the House of Dr. XXX to look for Pluto. The image is a rare Mickey Mouse full nitrate black and white cel key master setup, with Mickey painted in at a later date by the studio to be used on page 69 of the Disney story book Mickey Mouse Movie Stories. The setup originally was part of the Herbert Black Collection of Disney Animation Art.

Eyvind Earle Lady and the Tramp Tony and Joe/“Bella Notte” concept/color key painting is one of more than 50 concept art/background color key paintings Earle did for the movie. This important image from one of the best key scenes in Disney animation history is signed by Earle in the lower right corner.

The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Evil Queen production cel Courvoisier setup shows her perusing a potion book to make a concoction to transform herself into the Old Hag. This hand-inked, hand-painted Courvoisier cel comes with a large blue Conte Crayon Walt Disney signature.

There are three original maquette figures from Pirates of the Caribbean “Prisoners and Pirates.” The maquette figures were made years before the 1967 debut of the ride that eventually would spawn the billion-dollar franchise. Made for Walt Disney to personally review, these figures were used as models for full-sized sculptures as soon as he approved them.

Other top lots include Lady and the Tramp production cel of Lady with newborn baby background layout drawing master setup, Little Hiawatha production cel Courvoisier setup, Gertie the Dinosaur animation drawing, Plane Crazy Mickey Mouse with Minnie Mouse and plane animation drawings group of two, Eyvind Earle Lady and the Tramp twilight in the park concept/color key painting, and Mary Blair Cinderella coach and castle concept/color key painting.

The sale also includes lots from Tim Burton, the iconic filmmaker, artist, writer, and animator whose original artwork is in very high demand among collectors. Lots from Burton will represent films, including The Black Cauldron, Vincent and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Among his top lots in the sale are “The Art of Tim Burton” Lady in Blue illustration, and The Black Cauldron Gurgi concept sketches.

Superhero animated art is also represented, with highlights like The World's Greatest Super Friends title cel, Will Meugniot Marvel Comics Christmas TV Special concept art, Space Ghost publicity cel with master production background, Dragon’s Lair Dirk the Daring production cel master setup, and The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man concept drawing and print group of two for ride at Universal Studios Island of Adventure theme park.