Catch the Wave

February 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of Farpoint, a con dedicated to gathering fans of all genres of imaginative fiction. This con is taking place on February 9-11 at the Delta Hotel by Marriott on 245 Shawan Road in Hunt Valley, Maryland. 

Special guests attending include Nana Visitor (Deep Space Nine), Matt Frewer (Orphan Black), Nora McLellan (Killjoys), Timothy Zahn (Thrawn), Peter David (The Incredible Hulk) and his wife Kathleen, Glenn Greenberg (Brave Warrior Advisors), Michael Jan Friedman (Star Trek: The Original Series), David Mack (Kabuki), Keith R.A. DeCandido (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Bob Greenberger (Starlog), Howard Weinstein (Star Trek: The Animated Series), Marc Okrand (inventor of Klingon language), Steven H. Wilson (Warlord), The Boogie Knights, and The Chromatics. 

Throughout the three-day show attendees can enjoy autograph and panel sessions with actors, authors, scientists, and artists. There will also be workshops for podcasting, filmmaking, and costuming as well as club meetings for Starfleet, RMN and more. Be sure to arrive early for the opening ceremony and stay for the charity auction, art show, masquerade, Ten Forward party, gaming oasis and more! 

The con is running nearly continuously beginning on Friday at 12 PM through Sunday at 6 PM. One-day passes are $15 for Friday, $60 for Saturday, and $45 for Sunday. A full weekend pass is $85 for adults, $55 for teens 13-17, and $25 for children 6-12. 

For more information on the con, or to purchase tickets, visit farpointcon.com.