Over the years, Valiant Entertainment has provided the comic book industry with countless iconic characters. But in 1992, they introduced us to a true powerhouse. Not only does this character save the day, but she does so while dropping Doctor Who quotes and breaking the plus-size barrier. Needless to say, she’s fantastic. How much do you know about her?

Faith Herbert, a/k/a Zephyr, created by Jim Shooter and David Lapham, made her first appearance in Harbinger #1 in 1992. Following her parents tragic death, Faith was taken in and raised by her loving grandmother. As a child, Faith found solace in the fantasy worlds of comic books, science fiction, the TV shows of Joss Whedon, and every nerd fandom in between. When Faith was approached by Toyo Harado of the Harbinger Foundation, she thought she finally found the secret to becoming a real superhero. After being recruited, Faith met another powerful psiot the Foundation recruited named Peter Stanchek. Peter then used his ability of unlocking other latent psiots to unlock the potential within Faith, giving her the ability to fly.

With her newly unlocked powers, Faith creates the alter-ego Zephyr. In addition to the psionic ability of flight, Zephyr also has the ability to move things with her psionic abilities including people, objects as well as the ability to create psionic shields/barriers and even psionic attacks mimicking gusts of wind. She is often described as bearing so much weight, yet being light as a feather.

In 2016, Valiant Entertainment released an all-new ongoing solo series starring Faith, led by Jody Houser (Orphan Black). After unlocking her psionic abilities, this once ordinary teenager has become the hard-hitting heroine she knew she could be. By day, a mild-mannered and often clumsy reporter. But by night, she makes the transformation as Los Angeles’ own leading superheroine: Zephyr!

Faith was named one of the Best of 2016 by the Everett Public Library system, as well as one of the Best Comics & Graphics Novels of 2016 by Amazon. She continues to soar as one of Valiant’s leading ladies, and will be taking on time travel in Faith and the Future Force #1 coming this July.