The newest teaser trailer released for Marvel Studios’ Black Panther featured quite a few familiar faces. One of which previously made an appearance in the 2015 feature film, Avengers: Age of Ultron. So, who is this recurring character and how much do you really know about him?

Ulysses Klaue, a/k/a Klaw, created by the dynamic duo Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, made his first appearance in Fantastic Four #53 in 1966. This supervillain followed closely in the footsteps of his father – Nazi war criminal Colonel Fritz Klaue of the Blitzkrieg Squad. When he was older, Klaue was shipped off to Wakanda under the direction of Adolf Hitler to uncover their secrets. Following World War II, Klaue returned home to Belgium and changed his name to Klaw. While working as a physicist, Klaw attempts to create a sound transducer to convert sound waves into physical mass. In order to complete his design, Klaw steals vibranium from Wakanda and find himself in conflict with Wakandan ruler T’Chaka. After murdering T’Chaka in cold blood, Klaw makes a great enemy out of his son T’Challa, a/k/a Black Panther.

During a heated battle, Klaw manages to escape Black Panther’s wrath, at the cost of his right hand. Klaw later resurfaces with a sonic emitter gun on his right wrist that can create any kind of object or creature, using sound. Additionally, Klaw created a new device that turns him into a being composed solely of sound, making him immortal in the process. His other abilities include superhuman strength and durability, sound manipulation, the ability to create “solid sound” constructs and energy blasts, along with being an expert physicist and possessing a genius-level intellect. As a supervillain, Klaw usually faces off against Black Panther, but has been known to fight the Fantastic Four, Avengers, and the Lady Liberators.

Given their tumultuous history, the addition of Klaw, played by Andy Serkis, to Black Panther practically spells trouble. As far as how much trouble these two will get into, fans will have to wait until February 16, 2018 to see.