Lunar is a Japanese roleplaying game series that has managed to maintain a strong fanbase around the world, and the series got started 25 years ago with the release of The Silver Star in 1992. The high fantasy game was developed for the unpopular Sega CD system but managed to be enough of a standout title to kickstart a long-running franchise.

In terms of gameplay, Lunar: The Silver Star is fairly standard for JRPGs; players control the characters in a top-down perspective on the map and battles play out in a turn-based fashion. The story, written by novelist Kei Shigema, and characters, designed by mangaka Toshiyuki Kubooka, are what caught the attention of gamers. The plot followed a young man, Alex, who idolizes the fallen hero Dyne. Heading out on his first adventure, Alex meets the elderly dragon Quark, who sees potential in Alex and tasks him to become the next Dragonmaster.

Along the way, Alex and his team meet Ghaleon, who once fought alongside Dyne. However, Ghaleon is revealed to be the malevolent Magic Emperor who seeks revenge on the Goddess and the land of Luna. Alex must become a true Dragonmaster in order to defeat Ghaleon and save his land.

Lunar: The Silver Star stood out in the crowd of JRPGs at the time due to its heavy narrative focus, which also incorporated animated cutscenes that were not possible on other systems. But because the Sega CD system wasn’t exactly a success (it was largely criticized for mostly having a library of Genesis ports, and its high price point alienated consumers), The Silver Star ended up seeing ports and remakes for the PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, and PlayStation Portable. The Lunar series as a whole has been positively received, though a truly “new” title for the franchise hasn’t surfaced since 2005.