Lancelot “Lance” Hunter, created by Gary Friedrich and Herb Trimpe, made his debut appearance in Captain Britain Weekly #19 on February 16, 1977. Following the revelation that Director Tod Radcliffe was a traitor working for Red Skull, Commander Hunter introduced himself as the new Director of STRIKE to Nick Fury. Combining their efforts, STRIKE and SHIELD worked together to take down the Red Skull’s Nazi activities. Unfortunately, this was easier said than done. Red Skull had not only kidnapped the British Prime Minister, but he has set a bomb over London to be detonated that evening. Thankfully, Hunter and Fury, aided by Captain Britain and Captain America, managed to thwart the Red Skull’s vicious plans.

Essentially, Hunter and STRIKE served as the U.K.’s answer to Fury and SHIELD Typically, Hunter aided Captain Britain in the capture of various villains, such as Lord Hawk. After the disablement of STRIKE, Hunter was promoted to the rank of commodore and was often seen working with Contessa Valentina Allegro de Fontaine and Alistaire Stuart. Together the trio assisted in briefing British superhumans on the details of the British Superhuman Registration Act. Later on, Hunter was made the new Joint Intelligence Committee chairperson. Although he repeatedly works with super powered heroes, Hunter has no enhanced abilities of his own. He does however have years of Naval training, with an expertise in munitions, along with being a British Intelligence trained special agent.

During the second season of the TV series, Agents of SHIELD, Hunter was portrayed by Nick Blood. This version of the character was a decorated member of the Special Air Service and a freelance mercenary for SHIELD. The character left the show in season three, much to the dismay of many fans. Hunter fans, did you know this wasn’t the last you’d see of this snarky hero? It was recently announced that Blood will be reprising his role as Hunter for season five of Agents of SHIELD.

The show is expected to return this fall.