Although the comic world is nearly overflowing with enhanced heroes, DC Comics has often proved that you don’t need supernatural abilities to be a hero. Take Batman and Green Arrow for instance, what they lack in superpowers they make up for in natural skill. In 1987, the Arrow universe introduced yet another non-super superhero. Do you know who this is?

Eddie Fyers, created by the notable Mike Grell, made his debut appearance in Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #3. Initially, Fyers was a CIA agent and weapons master tasked with capturing or killing the rogue archer Shado. This assignment brought Fyers into conflict with Green Arrow, who was also trying to capture Shado and find the missing Black Canary. With Green Arrow working on the wrong side of the law, he and Fyers became fast enemies. From time to time the pair were forced to team up, despite Fyers blatant distrust of Green Arrow. On a few occasions, Fyers tried everything to take him down, even trying to implicate Green Arrow in a terrorist attack on the Panama Canal. Eventually, the two became friends and Fyers left the CIA to work freelance with him. 

After Grell left the Green Arrow series, Chuck Dixon and Jim Aparo further developed the character. Fyers was introduced to Green Arrow’s son, Connor, and quickly grew to be a part of the Green Arrow family. Following Green Arrow’s “death,” Fyers looked after Connor and became a father figure to him. Even after Green Arrow came back from the dead, Fyers remained with Connor. In a full circle moment, Connor and Fyers were brought face-to-face with Shado. During the intense altercations, Fyers saved Connor’s life and was left with burns all over his body. The last time Fyers made a comic appearance was for the wedding of Black Canary and Green Arrow. 

Outside of the comic world, Fyers made an appearance on The CW’s hit show, Arrow, portrayed by Sebastian Dunn. On the show Fyers was the British leader of a group of mercenaries on the same island where Oliver Queen was stranded. Despite being close in the comics, the television series sees Queen kill Fyers with an arrow to the throat. However, to be fair, this version of Fyers was also trying to kill Queen. You know what they say, “with friends like these, who needs enemies.”