They say two heads are better than one, so naturally a group of six half-humanoid comic book villains would be unstoppable, right? Well…let’s just say these villains were stopped more often than not. How much do you know about the Deep Six? 

Created by Jack Kirby, as part of his Fourth World set of DC Comics, the Deep Six initially appeared in The New Gods #2 in 1971. The origin behind this elite group of fish-like New Gods is unclear, even to this day. Each member of the Deep Six possess superhuman strength, scaly skin and fins, and gills that enable them to function underwater. The Deep Six consists of Gole, Jaffar, Kurin, Shaligo the Flying Finback, Slig, and Trok. 

Gole favored bladed weapons and usually kept his face completed covered beneath a helmet, while Jaffar wears a suit of green armor and has the ability to mutate other beings by touch. Kurin wears gold armor and uses a trident-like weapon in battle, whereas Slig dons blue armor and can disintegrate an object or radically mutate other living beings by touch. Shaligo’s green skin differs from the rest of the team, and his wing-like fins also enable him to fly. The final member, Trox, wields an axe that he can spin at high speeds to cause severe damage to opponents.  

Under the helm of their master, Darkseid, the Deep Six primarily exist to perform acts of combat and terrorism in his name. In New Gods #5, Darksied’s son Orion kills the members of Deep Six. Using birthing chambers, Darksied is able to restore the team back to life. At the time, they were accused of killing Aquaman’s past love and mother of his child, Kako. In the ensuing battle, the entire team was killed and needed to be restored once more. It was later revealed that Darksied routinely used these chambers to resurrected the Deep Six members several times over the years. Later on, after a battle with the Supermen of America, the Deep Six join Alexander Luthor, Jr.’s Secret Society of Super Villains. 

Over the years, the Deep Six have been killed and restored numerous times. As long as Darkseid possess his birthing chambers, the possibilities for the Deep Six remain seemingly endless.