No doubt everyone and their mother is familiar with the origin story of Spider-Man. Wherein a radioactive spider bites a teenage Peter Parker and grants him amazing powers that lead to him becoming the web-slinging hero. But did you know, Parker wasn’t the only one bit by the arachnid that day? 

Korean American superheroine Cindy Moon, a/k/a Silk, created by Dan Slott and and Humberto Ramos, made a cameo appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #1 in 2014 before making a full appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #4. Shortly after biting Parker, the radioactive spider made its way over to young student Cindy Moon and bit her as well. Although Parker and Moon share many of the same abilities, unlike Parker, Moon possesses the power of organic webbing. Another difference between the two is that while Parker proved adept at controlling his powers, Moon struggles greatly. Moon was later approached by Ezekiel Sims, a rich businessman who ritualistically gained powers similar to those of Spider-Man years prior. Sims offers to help and guide Moon in controlling her newfound abilities.

But while he does offer Moon some training in controlling her powers, he later locked her in a secret room underneath his office for six years. As soon as Spider-Man discovers the existence of Moon and what has become of her, he finds her and breaks her out of Sims’ facility. Initially confused, Moon attacks Spider-Man in a fit of rage, before he manages to calm her down. After making herself a costume out of her webbing, Moon finally makes her way to see New York City and begins referring to herself as Silk. Due to their shared Spider-Sense, Silk and Spider-Man find that they are powerfully attracted to each other. A fact that often proves distracting while trying to take down supervillains. 

It’s possible fans may soon get to see this interesting dynamic play out on the big screen as well. An Asian-American girl named Cindy (portrayed by Tiffany Espensen) is on Parker’s Academic Decathlon team in the film Spider-Man: Homecoming and makes a brief return appearance in Avengers: Infinity War on board the fieldtrip bus. Although this theory has neither been confirmed or denied, with another Spider-Man film on the horizon it is entirely possible Silk could make her official live-action debut.