The Star Wars comics have introduced plenty of interesting characters as main and secondary characters. One creative addition added in Star Wars #8 was Jaxxon, the green-furred, rabbit-like smuggler.

During the Galactic Civil War Prizzi, Queen of Livorno, hired Jaxxon and the pirate Amaiza Foxtrain to deliver her last eggs to Princess Leia. But, while aboard Jaxxon’s ship, the Rabbit’s Foot, he and the queen learned that they were not her eggs, but rather contained aggressive flying creatures. It turns out Foxtrain had double crossed him and escaped with the real eggs.

Jaxxon followed her to the Las Vegas-like space casino, the Wheel, where someone was planning to sell the eggs. Using the creatures he’d uncovered earlier, Jaxxon unleashed them on his former business associate and got away with the eggs and took them to Princess Leia and Han Solo.

But when Jaxxon’s droid accidentally breaks the eggs he realizes that they are not the genuine article either. It turns out that the Rebels, knowing that the Empire wanted the eggs, sent him on a false mission so that Han could smuggle the real eggs. Jaxxon handled the news pretty well, especially since the Rebel Alliance paid him and Han said he’d fix the Rabbit’s Foot.