The Deadpool series is home to a roster of interesting, albeit strange, characters. Easily one of the more unique and mysterious characters is that of Blind Al. Just how much do you know about her?

Created by Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness, Blind Al made her debut appearance in Deadpool #1 in 1997. Alternatively known as Althea or Blind Alfred, Blind Al is a skinny old woman who, as her name would suggest, is completely blind. Much of her origin is a mystery, although it is later revealed that she worked with British intelligence in an unknown capacity. While stationed in Zaire, Wade Wilson is hired to kill her. A task he failed to accomplish. Years later, after becoming the mercenary Deadpool, Wilson once again encountered Al and captured her. What followed is perhaps one of the stranger relationships in Marvel. Al serves as a combination of prisoner, housekeeper, maternal figure, and friend to Deadpool.  

Although they coexisted, the relationship between the pair was equal parts volatile and loving. On more than one occasion, Deadpool would take advantage of her blindness and play cruel pranks. Despite this, Al seemingly held a subtle authority over Deadpool, and never hesitated to retaliate against his pranks. She serves as his closest confidant and holds a secret hope that her influence over him may encourage him to be a better person. Eventually Deadpool sets Al free, although the two maintain their close relationship. Deadpool even sends her a braille invitation to his marriage with Shiklah. However his less-than-perfect grasp of braille sends her to a gang funeral instead, unbeknownst to her.  

Leslie Uggams brought the wisecracking old woman to the big screen in the 2016 feature film Deadpool. In this adaptation, Deadpool met Al through an ad placed on Craigslist. Aside from her affinity for cocaine, not much is known about this version of the character. Their bizarrely romantic quasi-relationship is continued in the follow-up film, Deadpool 2. Given that a third film in the franchise is already in development, viewers will get to enjoy even more quips and IKEA-building mishaps.