The motivation for many villains boils down to wealth and power. For one DC villain that hunger has really gotten under his skin. Or, rather, into it.

Goldface, a Green Lantern enemy who became a foe to the Flash, was created by John Broome and Gil Kane. He was introduced in Green Lantern #38 (July 1965) as criminal scientist Keith Kenyon, who drank a gold-based serum, which granted him superhuman strength and agility. Capitalizing on the newfound abilities, Keith created gold-plated armor and a gun that sprays liquid gold. As time went on, the gold serum he ingested turned his skin into an organic metal that makes him invulnerable.

In his early appearances, Goldface had somewhat of an advantage over Green Lantern since his gold-based abilities and suit were yellow, which is a color that proves challenging for Green Lantern’s powers. Following several altercations with Green Lantern, Goldface turned his energies toward taking over criminal organizations.

His origin was then retconned, turning him into a political science student who found a chest of gold that was mutated by toxic waste, giving him powers. Using the new abilities, he started pursing wealth and the life of a criminal, ending up in Central City where he tangled with the Flash. Through rehabilitation and some jail time, he moved to Keystone City and became a union leader, like his father.

Goldface’s most recent comic appearance was in a Wally West story in which his ex-wife Blacksmith and the Rogues took over both Keystone and Central Cities. The character made a recent live-action appearance in the February 5, 2019 episode of The Flash as the operator of a black market that specializes in high-tech weapons.

Where will Goldface pop up next? It’s hard to say, though that rich, glowing aura will be hard to miss.