With all the reporting we've been doing on the darling little blobs that are the Shmoos, it's time to let you know that there were some downright evil Shmoos as well. And we don't mean "evil because they're so good," as the Shmoos ultimately were. We mean BAD. These bad Shmoos appeared in Al Capp's second stage of Shmoo stories, which appeared in 1949 in the Sundays (See The Scoop 8-9-02 for more). Now remember, the country was deeply involved in the Cold War and America's most obvious enemy at the time was the Soviet Union. So when this evil Shmoo appeared, it was no coincidence that he had escaped from a zoo in a place called "Lower Slobbovia." These "Nogoodniks," with "li'l red eyes, sharp yaller teeth an a dirty look," wreaked havoc on Dogpatch, devouring all the (seemingly) good Shmoos, reproducing at an astonishing rate and threatening the future of "hoomanity."

As a ploy to kill all the Nogoodniks, the citizens of Dogpatch decided to play a record of George Jessel singing "Wagon Wheels" because, they agreed, a voice that awful could kill anything. And, it worked brilliantly. As soon as the Nogoodniks heard the first notes, "terror [struck] at their mean li'l hearts!" It wasn't long before they keeled over in utter agony.

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