Did you know that for three years in the mid-1930s, Popeye was a big-time radio star?

In addition to his print adventures as a seven seas sailor, our spinach-swilling hero appeared on NBC Red radio for 15 minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the 1935-1936 season. Voice actor Det Poppen gave voice to the swashbuckler and Olive Le Moy provided Olive Oyl's lines. Kevin Keech served as the announcer and Wheatana cereal was the show's only sponsor.

At the end of its first season, Popeye the Sailor transitioned to CBS radio on the same nights at the same time (7:15 pm). During its two years on that station, the voice of Popeye was supplied by Floyd Buckley and Miriam Wolfe (who pulled double duty as Sea Hag) and Mae Questel played Olive Oyl. Jackson Beck was the menacing Bluto, while Charles Lawrence brought Wimpy to life.

Though the show was somewhat shortlived--it only stuck around for a total of three seasons--its existence adds yet another textured layer to the rich legacy of the 75-year-old sailing superstar.