In the Limelight

During Great Philadelphia Comic Con, Scoop caught up with David Fielding to find out what he thought of the new Power Rangers movie, seeing himself as an action figure, and get an update on The Order.

Scoop: Are you having fun this weekend?
David Fielding (DF):
I am having a blast so far. Two days in and we’re having a great time.

Scoop: Is anyone asking you to shout certain Zordon phrases?
Always, I get “Teleport to the Command Center” and “May the power protect you.” I do that as much as possible. 

Scoop: Have you seen the new Power Rangers movie and if so, what did you think?
I have seen the new movie and I loved it. I thought it was great. It captured the tone of what it was, what being a Ranger was all about. I enjoyed R.J. Cyler as Billy, he was outstanding in that role. It was interesting to see Bryan Cranston as Zordon. He used his normal voice, I thought that was very interesting. I kind of liked the fact that he was kind of a jerk at the beginning, but then redeemed himself, that was really cool. I really enjoyed the movie.

Scoop: On social media – I forget which site – you posted a picture of you next to a Command Center toy with your face as Zordon. What’s that like, seeing yourself as a toy?
[Laughs] When the show had first come on the air, I had left LA and was back on the East Coast that Christmas I remember walking by Toys “R” Us and seeing the Power Dome toy set and my face was on it. I just thought, “That’s wild, that’s pretty wild.”

To know that they made an action figure of Zordon and all the trading cards and stuff, it’s pretty amazing.

Scoop: I know you did the teaser for The Order. Where are you in the process now?
Well, we ran into some union snags so we’re trying to get all of that stuff ironed out. Once that’s done we’ll be back in production and hopefully will get it all done and out by the end of the year. We’ll see how the time works out.

Scoop: You and Karan co-wrote the movie. How many drafts did you go through? Was it one of those things where it just came together perfectly?
Well, we wrote the first draft in two months and that’s the draft we took to all of the actors to see if they’d be interested and they fell in love with it. Then we sat down and really went through it. I think we went through four or five drafts, so it changed and morphed, if you will, [laughs] from our original draft to a leaner, meaner kind of beast. We’re really happy with the end product of the script.

Scoop: Was it originally your idea, you and Karan, to make this movie with former Power Rangers actors or did that come about later on in the process?
The whole brainchild has been Karan’s idea. She’s been trying for over a decade to get a project off the ground that included all of her friends from the Power Rangers community. Over the years other Rangers have been approached with ideas or scripts that didn’t work out. For our project everybody just seemed to be ready and willing to go. It really began with her. I was very flattered that she asked me to help flesh out the script.

Scoop: What conventions do you have coming up?
The only one that I have slated for myself right now is, I’ll be at the Shreveport Comic Con in Shreveport, Louisiana.