In the Limelight

While attending Texas Frightmare, Scoop, chatted with actress Melanie Kinnaman. The star of Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, the popular fifth installment of the horror series, talked about getting into character, stunts for the movie, and her experiences meeting fans.

Scoop: What was your favorite part about being in a Friday the 13th movie?
Melanie Kinnaman (MK): Well, it was very demanding and I liked that. It was physically demanding, it was emotionally demanding, and it really gave me a lot to do. It gave me a lot to work with. And, of course, it’s an iconic film, so it was a real thrill.

Scoop: How do you get into character as far as being terrified on film and bringing that to the audience?
It has to be real, obviously, it has to be real for you. So I made it real for myself. Every event in the film, every scene was real for me. That’s how you’re able to bring it.

Scoop: Did you have to do any crazy stunts?
No, not really. All the chainsaw stuff, I did myself. The running in the rain, the falling, that was all done by me. I don’t think it was that difficult, you know?

Scoop: Are you a fan of horror movies yourself?
Not a whole lot. Although, I did like Psycho. I like the classics and my favorite is The Exorcist.

Scoop: What’s the experience like for you on your side of the table at a horror con? What’s it like meeting fans?
It’s fantastic because it’s so rewarding to know that people still like the film and want to meet you. I hear so many great stories about how they enjoyed the film and what it meant to them. So, that means a lot to me.

Scoop: Are you having a good time this weekend?
It’s been fantastic. I’ve never been to Texas, so this is great.