In the Limelight

Touting popular long-running franchises across various consoles and mobile platforms, Bethesda took to the E3 stage on June 9, 2019 to hold their fifth annual press briefing. Though the hotly-anticipated Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI didn’t make appearances, the company was able to pack quite a bit of action into their show this year.

There was a strong showing on the mobile front for various Bethesda titles, such as Elder Scrolls Blades. The mobile dungeon crawler will get an update with a new questline focused entirely on dragons, and the game will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch console this coming fall. The game will feature cross-play and cross-progression with the mobile version. Elder Scrolls Legends, the card game based on the franchise, will be seeing an expansion called Moons of Elsweyr, available on June 27. And perhaps the biggest mobile news was that the classic Id Software title Commander Keen is getting a reboot on mobile, with a cartoony style and cooperative gameplay. The game will feature the children of the original Keen as the playable characters and will launch on iOS and Android this summer.

Details were provided regarding the future of Fallout 76 – a game which Bethesda acknowledged as having quite a rough launch during this presentation. The game will be receiving a large new update, called Wastelanders, which will add computer-controlled human NPC characters as well as a new main quest, for free, when it launches this fall. The game will also be receiving a new Battle Royale game mode called Nuclear Winter, which is available to check out as a sneak peek from June 10-17; that week will also serve as a free trial period for anyone who wants to try the game out.

Some new titles were also announced, including the latest from Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil, The Evil Within), called Ghostwire: Tokyo. The game has a distinctly supernatural horror feel to it, but it is not a survival horror title, instead being called a “new kind of action-adventure game.” The folks at Arkane Lyon took to the stage to debut Deathloop, a new action game in which two people are trapped in a time loop. No release date was given for either.

The bulk of the back end of the presentation was dedicated to DOOM Eternal, which will be arriving on November 22, 2019. The intense first-person shooter will feature plenty of demons to take down, as well as new locales to traverse on the way to stopping the fiendish takeover of Earth. The game will also feature a new multiplayer mode, called “Battlemode,” in which one person playing as the Doomguy will take on two player-controlled demons.

The entire press conference, which also featured new details on Wolfenstein, Rage 2 and a new piece of software called Orion, can be seen below.