BOOM! Studios has announced an all-new monthly comic book series from bestselling horror novelist Victor LaValle (The Ecstatic) and artist Dietrich Smith (Shaft). The new original series, entitled Destroyer, is set to debut in May 2017.

LaValle has previously been honored with a Whiting Writers' Award, a United States Artists Ford Fellowship, a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Shirley Jackson Award, and an American Book Award. This intense original series, which explores the legacy of horror fiction’s most infamous family, will mark LaValle’s full-length comic book debut.

After Dr. Jo Baker loses her son to a tragic encounter with the police, she turns to science to find true justice for her son’s death…by resurrecting him. As the last living heir of the Frankenstein family, she decides to embrace her heritage. This decision will bring her face-to-face with her family's original monster - whose quest to eliminate humanity has been reawakened by recent events. As the two decide if they're friend or foe, Dr. Baker will be forced to question if she is her family’s true monster.

“The country is tearing itself apart. Hell, the whole world is tearing itself apart. All of us seem to be teetering somewhere between annihilation and hope. Destroyer is the story of a woman, a mad scientist, facing the same dilemma. And her choice might mean the death of every human being on the planet. I'm so excited to be telling this story, and at this exact moment in time. It will be a hell of a lot fun and thought-provoking, too,” said LaValle.

“Working alongside well-established writer Victor LaValle is a joy in itself and illustrating this legendary monster of lore is a bonus I can’t explain. More importantly, the issues this series addresses will no doubt enthrall and entertain readers, hopefully bringing about introspection in them as well,” added Smith.

“The role of fiction in our society is as important now as it’s ever been before, and Victor has proven himself to be a vanguard of socially relevant horror. Paired with Dietrich’s inimitable illustration, we feel that Victor LaValle’s Destroyer is more than just escapism—it’s a rallying cry,” Eric Harburn, editor at BOOM! Studios, said.