BOOM! Studios has just announced the third story in the critically acclaimed reimagining of Santa Claus, Klaus and the Crisis in Xmasville. At the helm of this new story is Eisner Award-winning writer Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman) and Eisner Award-nominated artist Dan Mora (Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers).

Klaus and the Crisis in Xmasville follows an evil alternate reality Santa, as he uses Christmas and holiday cheer to build his soda corporation’s fortune. Klaus is the only hope against Pola-Cola Corp. and the zombie-like Santa’s that are in the evil Santa’s thrall.

“Last year’s Klaus special drew on a lot of traditional Christmas lore from around the world. This year, the influences are more contemporary, and Crisis in Xmasville takes some of its inspiration from the history of soda marketing and Santa,” shared Morrison.

“It is a pleasure to once again be working with Grant Morrison on a new Klaus story. I’ve been waiting for this all year!” added Mora.

“Grant and Dan have established a new holiday tradition by delivering a brand new Klaus story two years running now. And with a new villain being introduced in Klaus and the Crisis in Xmasville, the rogues gallery gets bigger, the mythology of the world expands, and our love for this series continues to reach new heights,” Matt Gagnon, BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief, said.

Klaus and the Crisis in Xmasville, releasing December 2017, features a main cover illustrated by Mora and a variant cover by John Cassaday (Star Wars). Print copies will be available at local comic book shops or at the BOOM! Studios webstore, while digital copies can be purchased from comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and the BOOM! Studios app.