If want to catch’em all – and find out what they are worth – then check out the new Pokémon Cards – The Unofficial Ultimate Collector’s Guide. The new book from Krause Publications dives deep into Pokémon collecting, celebrating the renewed love and value of Pokémon Cards.

The collecting guide was written by Ryan Majeske, the creator of the PrimetimePokemon YouTube channel. “I think the main attraction to Pokémon is the idea that there is a different universe out there where these Pokémon roam free,” Majeske said in a recent interview. “In this alternate universe, trainers can catch Pokémon, battle against friends and foes, breed new Pokémon, and level up their own Pokémon to become even more powerful. Pokémon has been successful because it has taken this alternate universe idea and expanded it into so many different areas, drawing in millions of people, through the games, cards, TV shows, and more. With the stresses of everyday life, the Pokémon universe is a place to get away, and have fun, forgetting about the problems in life.”

Pokémon Go has reinvigorated interest in the series and the value on the secondary market is on the rise. Cards featuring Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, and other characters for the trading card game (TCG) are now worth quite a lot. The Pikachu illustrator card is worth $54,000, first edition base set holo cards can be worth $1,000, and a Gold Star Charizard from the Dragon Frontiers is worth $250.

Pokémon Cards – The Unofficial Ultimate Collector’s Guide is filled with 8,000 cards and values on all 73 current trading card game expansion sets. It features all the rare and secret cards, along with checklists for every expansion set. It also includes expert tips for collecting and investing.

The 384-page hardcover book is filled with over 350 color photos. It retails for $21.99.

“Pokémon card collecting has been a thriving industry for the past 18 years, and I see no end in sight. The Pokémon Card Company releases new sets multiple times a year to keep demand high, not only for collectors of the cards, but for competitive players of the Pokémon TCG,” Majeske said. “With each passing year, more and more are attracted to the hobby. As those who have collected since they were young grow older, prices for older cards will continue to increase, making Pokémon card collecting a great investment for the future.”